Debut single Cassidy Paris out august 1st !!

Cassidy Paris - Talk about it
Digital release 01-08-2017 

The debut single "Talk About It" of Steve Janevski's daughter Cassidy will be out August 1st via digital download. 
The single was produced by Paul Laine !

Please support this amazing young artist and buy the single !!

Here's a sneak preview of the song !

Europe announce new album to be released in october.

Europe - Walk the earth
Release: 20-10-2017 

The band is very pleased to announce the release of their new studio album “Walk The Earth” on October 20th via their own Hell & Back label through Silver Lining Music.
The album cover features original artwork by famed Los Angeles artist Mike Sportes of Filth Mart !
The album was recorded at famed Abbey Road Studios in London with Grammy winning producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Shooter Jennings, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton) who as most of you know, also produced War Of Kings.

Pre-order links for the album will be posted soon !!



1. Walk The Earth
2. The Siege
3. Kingdom United
4. Pictures
5. Election Day
6. Wolves
7. GTO
8. Haze
9. Whenever You’re Ready
10. Turn To Dust

Melodic rockband Coldspell announce release of new album

Coldspell - A new world arise
Release: 22-09-2017 

Escape Music is proud to announce the release of Coldspell's new album "A New World Arise" on september 22nd !
With an majestic artwork by C-A Beckston and the mixing handled once again by T. Hansén .
This is Coldspell's 4th album !
For those who don't know the band: Coldspell is a melodic hardrock band from Sweden - Heavy and melodic with big choruses , edgy guitars and a big arena sound ! 
Coldspell blasted onto the scene with their own brand of hard rock and took the world by storm with their debut album release,“Infinate Stargaze” !  Two years later the brand new release “Out from the Cold” was put out to an eager audience !  
In 2013 the band had been working hard on a new recordings and released their third album entitled “Frozen Paradise” !
Now it's time for the follow up "A new world arise" !!
01 Forevermore  04:49 
02 Call of the wild 05:17 
03 It hurts 04:57
04 Miles away 05:23
05 Signs 05:00 
06 Love me like you do 04:34 
07 This is me 04:41  
08 Get to the top 04:36 
09 Wait until tomorrow 05:01 
10 Losing my mind 04:30 
11 Just one night 04:46 
12 A new world arise 06:10

Brazilian prog metal band "Dark Avenger" back with new album

Dark Avenger - The beloved bones: hell
Release: 01-09-2017 

Brazilian prog/power metallers Dark Avenger are back with an outstanding new album, "The Beloved Bones: Hell" 
It is a eleven mental stages someone probably might be through, when living a constant uncomfortable situation ("Hell is repetition") among many others which we inadvertently allow to come into our lives. 

The beloved bones is a two-chapter play: “Hell” and “Divine” and the first part “Hell” talks about eleven mental stages someone probably might be through when living a constant uncomfortable situation (“Hell is repetition”) as for example, a loveless marriage, a severe disease, an unwanted job, financial difficulties, alcoholism, drug abuse, a sex harassment, among many others which we inadvertently allow to come into our lives.
The cover illustration was created by the french artist Bernard Bittler and follows the mental phases and feelings outpouring described in the first part of the play: Unconsciousness – Denial – Fugue – Victimization – Despair – Craving – Reflection – Balance – Courage - Decision - Freedom”.

The new chapter is set to be released on September 1st in Europe via Rockshots Records on all the major record and digital stores and will inevitably leave the mark !


1 - The Beloved Bones
2 - Smile Back To Me
3 - King For A Moment
4 - This Loathsome Carcass
5 - Parasite
6 - Breaking Up Again
7 - Empowerment
8 - Nihil Mind
9 - Purple Letter
10 - Sola Mors Liberat
11 - When Shadow Falls

Exit Eden debut album coming up in august

Exit Eden - Rhapsodies in black
Release: 04-08-2017

Four musicians from four different countries with four entirely different biographies, yet all stemming from the world of Rock, now united in one band: Exit Eden.

The all-female four piece (ensemble / group / band) unites all attributes ascribed to the new millennium: cosmopolitan, self-confident, independent and ready to do their very own thing. Despite their diversity, the four singers Amanda Somerville, Cle╠ümentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner blend together personally as superbly as they do vocally with their very diverse vocal tones and techniques that go from opera style to raspy rock. This constellation created extraordinary and powerful ideas and it became their unique plan to raise Exit Eden’s very own edge: to show the world that almost every classic song can be transformed into a solid metal-rock song. 
Exit Eden's debut "Rhapsodies in Black”, which will be released on August 4th, is home to a colourful mix of international super hits from Rihanna to Madonna, from Depeche Mode to Adele and many more. Still and all, it’s miles away from being just a cover album.

Watch the video for "Unfaithful" (Rihanna Cover) here.


Question Of Time 
Total Eclipse
Fade To Grey

New Italian melodic rock band "Airbound"

Airbound - Airbound
Release: 15-09-2017

Art Of Melody Music and Burning Minds Music Group are proud to announce the signing of Italian melodic rockers "Airbound" for the release of their self titled debut album.
Formed during 2000, the band members had been active in the scene for almost ten years. They discovered their alchemy during their first rehearsals in 2006 and began to write new material. Airbound represents their love of classic AOR and melodic rock music, shown through ten brilliant tracks influenced by the likes of Journey and Survivor. Individually, the members of Airbound developed their artistic careers collaborating with well known names in the Italian mainstream and metal scene (including members from 883, Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Charming Grace, and renowned italian pop producer Filadelfo Castro).
Airbound promises to appeal to classic melodic rock lovers, with brilliant melodies, winning hooks, pompous keyboards, and solid production. Their skilled musicianship brings a return to the great melodic rock sound of the golden years with style, panache, and indomitable passion.

Watch the video of the first single "Till The End" here


01. Have A Good Time
02. The Sun Tomorrow
03. Till The End
04. You Live & You Learn
05. Don't Fade Away
06. Zhaneta
07. Runaway
08. Wasted World
09. She's A Girl
10. Seven Seas
11. Till The End (Cinematic Version - Japanese Bonus Track)

UK melodic rockers "Moritz" new album out end of july.

Moritz - About time too
Release: 31-07-2017 

Moritz was formed in early 1986 in London. The simple aim was crafting quality AOR rock. A fantastic set of songs was quickly worked up. By late ‘86 they were playing the first of two now legendary Marquee shows in London's West End. The line-up comprising of Mike Nolan and Greg Hart on guitars, Ian Edwards on bass, Andy Stewart on Keyboards, John Metcalfe on drums was augmented by vocalist Steve Annetts who departed from the ranks in early 1987.
The band was joined by vocalist Peter Scallan (ex-Laurence Archer’s Secrets), who had originally auditioned for Moritz before Steve Annetts but opted to join LA Secrets. A second sold out Marquee show quickly followed in July 1987. The band also recorded the now highly collectable 12” vinyl Shadows of a Dream EP. Unfortunately, the band did not secure a major record deal and after a few line-up changes the band reluctantly folded in 1988. Peter joined Samson and recorded the album Refugee. Hart, Edwards and Stewart formed the AOR outfit If Only. 
Now 2017 Moritz is back with a new line up and a new album "About time too" !
The band has recorded all the material for the new album over the last few years and is now ready to present it to the big public !
1. About Time Too (Intro)
2. One More Beautiful Day
3. To The Moon and Back
4. Chance Of A Lifetime
5. Dreamland
6. Forever Is
7. Take It On The Chin
8. Run
9. Love Long Gone
10. Own Little World
11. You Don’t Know What Love Is
12. There’s Something About (Intro)
13. Unwanted Man

Michael McDonald is back with new album due september 15th

Michael McDonald - Wide open
Release: 15-09-2017 

Who would doubt that Michael McDonald could still sound groovy and relevant while ushering the musical feel of 1978 into 2017 ? Only a fool !!
Within seconds of the opening "oohs" and warm, groovy vibes of McDonald's new song "Find It In Your Heart," your heart will be overjoyed. The opening notes call up immediate memories of some of his much-beloved Doobie Brothers classics, like "What A Fool Believes" and "Takin' It To The Streets," as well as some of of his incredible harmony singing with Steely Dan on "Peg" and "Bad Sneakers" !

"Wide Open" his first new studio album since 2008 — sees McDonald putting away the R&B songbook, eschewing the covers of his last few records in favor of all-new, original material. The album includes a who's who of excellent players, including bassists Willie Weeks and Marcus Miller, guitarists Warren Haynes and Robben Ford, saxophonist Branford Marsalis and keyboardist David Paich.

"Wide Open" may very well be the album that makes the kids call their folks and say, "Hey, have you heard of this new artist, Michael McDonald ?"
The album will be released september 15th via BMG records !

New Boulevard album coming up in september !

Boulevard IV - Luminescence
Release: 22-09-2017 

MelodicRock Records is proud to announce the release of an AOR masterpiece that is the first  Boulevard" album in 27 years - ‘Boulevard IV - Luminescence".
For those fans of the band’s first two MCA released records – ‘Boulevard IV - Luminescence’ is so worth the wait ! 
From the breezy AOR perfection of "Out Of The Blue" to the more intense and layered first single "Life Is A Beautiful Thing" and one of the best ballads you’ll hear in "What I’d Give" !  "Luminescence" is a very diverse album, gelled by the performance of a lifetime and the best possible production and mix studios like Abbey Road can offer.

Boulevard is back, bigger and better than ever with a brand new album , the bands first studio album in 27 years. 
The band stays true to their passion charged rhythms, textured melodic landscapes, and powerful lyrics in this this beautifully crafted body of work that will take the listener down the Boulevard of what is possible.
Here you can listen to the lead track off the new album "Life Is A Beautiful Thing" 

01. Out Of The Blue
02. Life Is A Beautiful Thing
03. Laugh Or Cry
04. What I'd Give
05. Come Together
06. Runnin' Low
07. I Can't Tell You Why
08. Confirmation
09. Good Enough
10. Slippin' Away
11. What Are You Waiting For
12. Don't Stop The Music

Janet Gardner solo album coming up in august

Janet Gardner - Inescapable
Release: 18-08-2017 

As the lead vocalist of the legendary female rock band Vixen, Janet Gardner’s powerful vocals propelled Vixen to the top of the Billboard charts with crossover hits “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin'” and AOR rockers “How Much Love” and “Love is a Killer”. Vixen toured extensively, grinding out 200 shows per year, opening for the likes of Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, The Scorpions, Kiss, and Bon Jovi.
Teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James (who has worked with members of Staind, Collective Soul, Tyketto), Gardner ventured into the solo realm to unleash a new side of her musical creativity. Together, Janet and Justin have penned a collection of emotionally charged songs with gritty grooves, infectious hooks, and inspired lyrics that merge hard rock influences from the last four decades.

The result is a perfect blend of modern hard rock with a touch of old school flare that will turn the heads of generations of rock fans. A sample teaser was put up on YouTube and literally exploded overnight. The power duo was quickly snatched up by Pavement Entertainment with a full length release coming september 15th.
Janet Gardner has once again proven herself as a leader in the female fronted hard rock world.

Check out the 4 song teaser video from the upcoming debut.

Hirch Gardner solo album coming in august

Hirch Gardner - My brain needs a holiday
Release: 25-08-2017 

Hirsh Gardner is set to release his sophomore solo effort on August 25th. Entitled "My Brain Needs a Holiday".  This 10 song disc is the long awaited follow up to Gardner's acclaimed solo album "Wasteland for Broken Hearts" which is included in this package as a bonus disc. They are both full of AOR anthems and thunderous ballads. The bonus disc is exclusive to Escape Music with first pressing and with extensive liner notes by Dave Reynolds.
Moving to Boston, Mass in his teens, Hirsh attended the famed Berklee College of Music and studied there for 4 years. Soon afterwards Hirsh joined forces with future New England keyboardist Jimmy Waldo and along the way they also recruited future New Englanders Gary Shea and John Fannon. Initially going under the name Target the foursome felt they needed a different more dramatic moniker that reflected their many and varied influences, thus New England were born.
In the years between 1979 and 1982 Hirsh was an integral part of one of the classiest AOR/Melodic Rock bands on the planet. New England released 3 world class albums !
1997 found Hirsh being awarded  Producer of the year for the Boston Phoenix as well as being nominated 5 times in the Boston Music awards and winning it once in 1998. 
But Hirsh never lost sight of being a musician first and foremost and continued to record in his home studio. 2002 saw the release of his first solo album `Wasteland for Broken Hearts` which was received ecstatically  not only by New England fans but also by the wider rock audience.
In the intervening years Hirsh has got back together with former New England colleagues and the band have released their first new music in decades, but not being one to rest on his laurels Hirsh began quietly working once more in his home studio. The result.... `My Brain Needs A Holiday` an album not only chock full of the classic rock music that we have all come to expect from the man, but also with some welcome surprises along the way. Complete with a stellar supporting cast "My Brain…" is a true rock album for 2017 and  beyond.
My Brain Needs A Holiday - Lost in the Darkness Tonight 
My Brain Needs a Holiday 
Git it Back 
Love Is 
Do Me Do Me 
If you need t'talk 
Diamond Moon 
Sister Jane 
Whiter shade of Pale
1- Wasteland for broken hearts
2- Don't you steal
3- She is love
4- Thunder in her heart
5- Bad cowboy
6- When the sky cries
7- Your love
8- Hold you in my dreams
9- Never love
10- Welcome home
11- More than you'll ever know
12- Welcome home (reprise)

French power metal band Galderia new album out now.

Galderia - Return of the cosmic men
Release: 16-07-2017 

Galderia was founded by Seb in september 2006, in Marseille, France. Seb, who handles lead vocal duties, guitars and songwriting, was joined in the adventure by Tom (Lead guitar), Bob (Bass guitar) , Julien (Keyboard) and Jc (Drums). Together they set the basis of the music of Galderia - A melodic and powerful Metal with strong emphasis on choir harmonies and arrangements. The band has always used the power of its music to set light on the universal spirit of unity and elevation of consciousness. Seb baptised this philosophy “The Universality” and also gave this name to the first album.
This is the main characteristic of Galderia: The band strives to remain on the positive side of life. 
The EP "Rise legions of free Men" is released in 2010 and is the first physical Cd of the band.
The band released its first full album called "The Universality" at the end of 2012 !

Now 2017 the band is back with "Return Of The Cosmic Men" one of the most catchy and melodic albums you will hear !  If you’re a fan of Helloween, Brother Firetribe, etc...  you will absolutely love this one !

Listen to the video of "High up in the air" 


01. Shining Unity
02. Blue Aura
03. Living Forevermore
04. High Up In The Air
05. Celestial Harmony
06. Wake Up The World
07. Legions Of Light
08. Return Of The Cosmic Men
09. Pilgrim Of Love
10. Wake Up The World 2.0

Check this "Dreamslave" - a French orchestral metal band !

Dreamslave - Rest in phantasy
Release: 2015 

Dreamslave is a French Orchestral Metal band with a female voice and eclectic influences. It was founded in Lyon in 2011 by Peter Gothilainen and Mickaël Zanuttini.
Both musicians, who shared a common interest for Melodic Power Metal, met one year before. After some covers and a few drinks or (maybe was it the other way)… Mickaël’s quill brought Peter’s burgeoning musical compositions to life… The Adventure began !
Dreamslave releases its first album “Rest In Phantasy”, self-produced and supported by sponsorship in may 2015. The band stays close to the fans using social networks by sharing with them backstage’s stuff.

Dreamslave evolves in an eclectic universe, mixing several influences such as classical, baroque, celtic but also oriental and even electronic music… with texts full of fantasy and poetry.Dreamslave creates a theatrical, emotional and orchestral atmosphere and loves to share it on stage.

You can view the first clip of the song "Torments" here


01 Join The Phantasy (Ouverture)
02 The Dark Crusade
03 Masquerade
04 End Of Innocence
05 Voices Of The Depths (Interlude)
06 Torments
07 Doomsday
08 Wishes Of Revenge
09 Angel Requiem (Feat. Najib Maftah)
10 Pirate’s Anthem
11 The Vinland Saga
12 Eternitears

Debut album of symphonic metal band Tigersclaw out now

Tigersclaw - Princess of the dark
Release: 14-07-2017 

Tigersclaw is a female fronted symphonic powermetal band from Germany with classical elements and ballads within to progressive Metal !
The band is fronted by "Elena Minina" form Russia , a soprano singer at the opera in Moscow and also finalist of "Voice of Russia" 2015 !
The band has two other musicians , the multi-instrumentalist "Baier" and the German drummer "Ralf Neumann" to complete a strong line up. The Recording was mainly done in Germany where Elena records her vocal session in Moscow and send them to Germany.


Watch here the video of the track "Princess Of The Dark" 


1. World Of The Death
2. Princess Of The Dark
3. Storm Of Steel
4. Twilight Of The Gods
5. Like An Angel
6. Eternity
7. Phantasia
8. Eternal Flame
9. Screams
10. Revelation
11. Cherokee
12. She Rides The Lightning
13. Divine