Melodic power metal band ELA new album coming up in august.

ELA - Second reality 
Release: 25-08-2017

In 2004 ELA first drew attention as the front-man of the bandformation Com N Rail , Sony/BMG released the first album of the band entitled "Out Of My Universe".
This was followed by a very successful two-year tour through Germany and then the separation between ELA and the band Com N Rail.
With her 2008 solo album "Passion" ELA received consistently good reviews in the specialized press. With "Make My Day" ELA was the successor to her debut album in May 2009. At the following festivals ELA as a solo artist was able to prove that she had not forgotten anything on live on stage.
In 2010 ELA founded the Rock and Racing Team with JR Blackmore and Tony Carey in September 2010, the album titled "Winners" which not only enthused fans of rock music, but also extensively in the Motorsport media.
In 2012 ELA contributed the official title and jubilee song for the 24 hour ADAC Langestreckenrennen at the Nürburgring with the single "Our Destiny".
After a creative break, it burned ELA 2015 under the fingernails again a new album.Unlike all predecessors, this album should go more towards Hard Rock.
The songs should sound earthier and harder. ELA wanted to express with her new album that she not only makes rock music, she lives and celebrates with every fiber of her body.
The new album title "Nervous Breakdown" was quickly found through writing and composing experiences.
Now 2017 ELA is coming with her latest album "Second reality" that will be released on august 25th 2017 through Massacre records.


House Of Lords
Black Roses
Deadly Sins
Witch Of Salem
Psycho Path
Welcome To Zombieland
Lizzy Borden's Rhyme

Progressive metal band Soul Secret new album out in July.

Soul Secret - Babel
Release: 28-07-2017 

The Italian progressive metal band Soul Secret is no newbie in the music scene. With already three albums out, they now return with a brand new opus which is entitled "Babel"

"Babel" is a concept album, covering topics like religion and love and ranging from classic progressive rock to more modern progressive metal, with influences from djent, electronic and latin music.
The Story: The main characters are sent in space to find God, helped by logOS, an on-board computer providing cutting-edge technology to the mission. When they finally find the City Of Gods, they find it empty...
The artwork was completely designed by Thomas Ewerhard Artwork, mix and master was handled by Alex Argento.

The new album will be released by Pride & Joy Music on July 28th 2017 and will be previewed at Night Of The Prog XII, opening Mike Portnoy’s show.

You can now already pre-order the new album !


1) Prologue (instrumental) (1:08)
2) What We're All About (5:56)
3) A Shadow On The Surface (4:37)
4) Will They? (5:57)
5) logOS (2:22)
6) Awakened By The Light (7:39)
7) Entering The City Of Gods (10:59)
8) The Cuckoo's Nest (6:59)
9) Newton's Law (7:49)
10) In The Hardest Of Times (14:08)

Debut album from Swiss "Cellar Darling" out june 30th.

Cellar Darling - This is the sound 
Release: 30-06-2017 

Cellar Darling is the new band of former Eluveitie members Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi. The band was formed in the summer of 2016. The trio has previously been part of the core of Switzerland's most successful metal band to date, Eluveitie, touring the world in 45+ countries on 6 continents for over a decade, and forming a bond that could overcome any adversity.
Cellar Darling’s music is an epic, theatric combination of grand, heavy riffs, powerful drumming, and a unique, both powerful and fragile voice - combined with influences ranging from folk to classical music. Multi-instrumentalist Anna Murphy further colours the band’s sound with her hurdy gurdy and its signature folky, earthy tones, and with the classical flute. The lyrics tell stories and tales both old and new, true to the band's stated mission: “the reinvention of folk tales for our modern age as the very essence of what they once were.”
With their very first release, the single ‘Challenge’, along with the bonus track ‘Fire, Wind & Earth’, released in September 2016 after an intense creative retreat, Cellar Darling is already breaking the boundaries between musical genres, blending rock, metal, and folky melodies into a powerful mix.
'This Is The Sound' will see the light of day ‪on June 30th via Nuclear Blast records,‬ featuring 14 original tracks.

Watch their first video for the track "Challenge" here.


01. Avalanche
02. Black Moon
03. Challenge
04. Hullaballoo
05. Six Days
06. The Hermit
07. Water
08. Fire, Wind & Earth
09. Rebels
10. Under The Oak Tree…
11. …High Above These Crowns
12. Starcrusher
13. Hedonia
14. Redemption

Bonus tracks, available exclusively on the mediabook:
15. The Cold Song
16. Mad World
17. The Prophet’s Song

New UK melodic rock band working on debut.


Atlas is a brand new band hailing from the UK who are currently working on their first album, a five track EP, and this four man outfit from Manchester have just released their very first single, ‘Cross The Line‘.

From the likes of Toto, Journey, Mr. Big and Bon Jovi to Genesis and Dream Theater, these guys definitely have a strong set of influences that they pull from and hearing the finished product should be a fun listen to be sure with a broad spectrum like that.

Formed by writer, keyboardist and percussionist James Thorley in 2016, the band is rounded out by bassist Christian Redfearn, guitarist Howie Little and vocalist Criag Wells.

You can watch their first single "Cross the line" here. 

And on their soundcloud page !


Nova Rex new album out now.

Nova Rex - Rock star roadshow
Release: 13-06-2017 

Budweiser presents "Nova Rex" ...the band that has brought you 32 years of kick ass rock-n-roll. Nova Rex has been featured in the hilarious hair metal documentary,
"Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Being Cheesy", which has been seen by millions on Documentary Channel and Netflix. They have also been featured in a new film, "Hair I Go Again" with members of Warrant, Tesla, Quiet Riot, etc.
Being ranked in the top 50 of the Greatest Hair Bands of the 80's by VH-1, you don't want to miss this.
Now with their brand new highly anticipated album release, "Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow" hitting the airwaves, Nova Rex brings the ultimate rock show to you.


I don't know
She's a bitch
Bosoms & beer
Lock 'n load
Break away
Crank it up
Metal devastation



Still Living upcoming new album cover + tracklist !

Still Living - YmmiJ
Release: 2017

I'm very proud to present to you in exclusive premiere the cover and tracklist from the upcoming new album from Still Living !
The band is in final stages with work on their 3rd album called "YmmiJ".
This time the band made a conceptual album ! The story on the album is about a common man "Jimmy" who’s full of doubts, regrets and blame.....
so he gets mad before the mirror of the balcon starts to have reveries that tell the story of his life. He talks with himself, but he thinks he's talking to an other man. He doesn't realy recognize himself....

The amazing cover is made by a great Brazilian artist "Marcio Abrue" (well known name worldwide) and his partner "Vinicius Townsend" !!

The new album is expected fall 2017 , but all details about release date and how to order asap here on rock files promotion !!


01. Reign of pills
02. On the edge
03. Call of the night
04. Dusty blue shadow
05. Listen to me !
06. The man I’ve become
07. King of nothing
08. Haunted
09. Peace or pieces ?
10. Who are you ?
11. Mr. mirror
12. I.M. Jimmy
13. …Jane
14. Cult of the rough awakening
15. In the dark /As shallow as it gets (Instrumental)

Website band.

Debut album Solitude Within out now.

Solitude Within - Disappear 
Release: may 2017 

This one I almost missed !!!!!  “Solitude Within” is a Belgian female fronted band that combines classical music with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and gives it a modern touch.
With influences such as: Delain, Nightwish, Evanescence, Evergrey and Therion (to name but a few), they bring you great symphonic rock music with a beautiful melodic female singing voice, gorgeous melodies, epic choruses, thunderous drums and blazing guitar solos that will blow your mind.
With all of that combined, they create their own unique sound which will stuck in your mind for a long time. Solitude Within saw the first light of day in the summer of 2014, when Emmelie (Vocals & Keys) formed the band together with bass player Quincy.
It didn’t take long to find the other members as JP and Johan (both guitars) would quickly join their ranks. Later on Ash would reinforce the band on the drums. And soon they were ready to go.
All songs are composed by JP and Emmelie and all lyrics are written by Emmelie.
For some of the songs Quincy also got involved in the song writing process. In the beginning of 2016 they uploaded a first song called “Fade Away”, which was greatly appreciated and Solitude Within got an offer for a record deal with “Mausoleum Records”.
The band gladly accepted the offer. However the passing of Alfie Falckenbach, the founder of Mausoleum Records threw a spanner in the works.
So the band decided to take the last steps to release the album in their own hands.
In September 2016 the recordings where finished and a teaser of a second song “Paralyzed” was released. The new album is now released by BoxFish records in may 2017 !


01. Fade Away (4:02)
02. Blame (4:31)
03. Morrigan (3:43)
04. Fly (3:54)
05. Burn (4:12)
06. Disappear (3:27)
07. In My Mind (4:31)
08. Eternal Flame (3:50)
09. Turn Away (4:04)
10. Paralyzed (3:38)
11. In The Dark (4:13)

Short news.

-- New Indiegogo campaign from Once !! Help the band to fund for their first music video ! Already 1400 Euro can make this possible!
Moreover there will be another campaign this winter for the album and merchandise.
Check it out here !!

-- Issa has been working very quietly and hard on a new album....and it's almost finished with only 2 songs left to record..Be ready for a treat and some amazing collaborations with a few amazing people. More info asap !

-- "Panorama" is a new project ft. Dennis Ward (Unisonic... Pink Cream 69...) ,Ben Varon (Amoral...) ,Sammy Lasagny (Godiva... ) ,Christian Palin (Adagio... )
& Ben Varon (Amoral... ). More to be revealed soon !!

-- Amberian Dawn started mixing the new album beginning of this month !! Symphonic & heavy stuff is more symphonic & heavier than ever before...And pop-metal songs are poppier than ever.....what an interesting combination of genres there's going to be !!!
More info about this asap !

-- New progressive metal band from the Netherlands "VUUR" released the first single of the upcoming debut album planned for release this fall !
The song is about The Great Fire of London in 1666. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the element of Fire, threatening Londoners to wipe them out, but the song is also about hope. Even in the darkest of times, the sun will rise.
The song "Days Go By - London" can be watched here.

-- Brazilian AOR band Adellaide signed with Lions pride music for the release of their new full album "Flying High".
The release is scheduled for next october and details will soon be revealed.

-- Spanish melodic rock band Heart 2 Heart sign with City of light records ! The first release together will be a special limited edition of their 2016 debut album "Never Gonna Stop"
called "Intimate Edition" with a brand new mix and production, 2 exclusive bonus tracks and an extended booklet with photos, artwork and other goodies.

-- New Kamelot album expected beginning 2018 !!

New album from Ukraine melodic rock band Star Crystal now available !

Star Crystal - Revival of glam 
Release: June 2017 

After their self released debut "Follow me" in august 2016 the band is back , always fronted by the dangerous curves of singer Susanna Radimovskaya - they are presenting their brand new record "Revival Of Glam".
Star Crystal delivers 'American' rock, a mix of classic 80's US Hard Rock with early 90's Melodic Hard commercialism, easy to the ears !!  Of course Star Crystal exploits Radimovskaya's hot looks in terms of band image, but let me tell you the girl is much more than a gracious figure.

Watch the video for the new clip "Dancing all night" here:



01. Dancing All Night
02. My Heaven
03. Fall in Love
04. Freedom
05. Pray
06. Fire
07. Bliss
08. Show Me Your Love
09. American Dream
10. Rock Star

Babylon A.D. is back and announce new album.

Babylon A.D. - Revelation highway
Release: september 2017 

After a long hiatus, the band has re-united with all original members. Derek Davis vocalist/songwriter, guitarists’ and music writers, Dan De La Rosa and Ron Freschi, drummer Jamey Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid.
Formed in 1988, Babylon A.D. hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. 
Original members, Derek Davis vocalist/songwriter, guitarists and music writers Dan De La Rosa and Ron Freschi, Drummer Jamey Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid were all in childhood rival bands. In  1989, Babylon A.D. caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry !
Their self-titled album “BABYLON A.D.” was released in1990 and included their hard rock classic hits (Bang Go The Bells) (Hammer Swings Down) (Desperate) and (The Kid Goes Wild), which also was the trailer song and video for Orion Pictures “ROBO COP 2.”

Babylon A.D. was one of the finest hard rock bands of the late eighties. They were a band who had the songs and had the chops of the very best, but sadly went underappreciated before ‘Grunge’ hit and ruined it for everyone. Over the last few years though they’ve been amassing fans again with a series of blistering live shows and a monumental live album ‘Live @ XXV’ marking their 25 years in the business.

Now 2017 after 6 albums and 2 live cd's they are back with the follow up cd !!


Rage of Romance announce release of 2nd album.

Rage of Romance - Thunderborn
Release: september 2017 

Three years after their successful debut Rage of Romance return with their second full length album entitled "Thunderborn" !
With Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex- Visions Of Atlantis) featuring as guest vocalist, the band has delivered 10 tracks of heavy/power metal, combining modern schemes (Kamelot, Nightwish) and classic metal influences (Blind Guardian, Running Wild). In the album also feature Tery Naso (Μisconception, Windfall) and Kostis Tsiligiris (Wild Souls) in solo guitars, while all drums were played by Nick Tsiligoudis.
Thunderborn is going to be released once again by Steel Gallery Records in september 2017 !



1. The Burning Sea Of Galilee
2. Heart Of A Mountain
3. Sky Will Burn
4. A Winter’s Sail
5. Fight Fire With Fire
6. Somehow
7. Thunderborn
8. The Deepest Of Dreams
9. Imperiled Love
10. Raintears

New album Robin Beck is finished !

Robin Beck - Love is coming 

Words from Robin: "Ok my friends, here's the news....the new cd is finished and is titled "Love is coming"  !! 

The new album has 12 tracks and a beautiful booklet with 12 pages created by Richard Jones.The album is written and produced by award-winning composer and producer Clif Magness along with co-producer James Christian.

There is a tribute song dedicated to her dear friend Jeff Kent. The album is produced by Tommy Denander and James Christian.
Robin says she has never been so excited before ! Every song, every moment, every melody, a classic in every groove. I died and went to heaven with this album.

More info about release date , tracklisting and more will be revealed soon !!
Check the website for all details.  You can also already pre-order the new cd on her website and get it signed along with a personally autographed photo card !

Pre-orders here !!