Freight Train - I (2017)

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Last Performance - Allegiance to fall (2017)

A few weeks ago I got this debut album from Russian symphonic metal band "Last Performance" The band was founded in 2008 and their style is a perfect mixture of skilled guitar playing combined with lots of atmospheric keyboard sound and fronted with one of the best female vocals I've heard in years !! All songs have been arranged with symphonic orchestration by Kate Sergeeva.

The album starts with the intro "Timeless" but as soon as "Collapse of Empire" begins it is immediatly very clear that this band means serious business. A bombastic song with lot's of powerfull parts and as I said in the beginning the amazing vocals of Nadejda Razdymalina !
"Under cover of darkness" , "End of pretence" , "Alone with the wind" all long epic compositions played to absolute perfection always changing pass from high speed to slow emotional singing.
Layers of perfectly arranged elements , I'm sitting on the edge of my chair so I wouldn't miss a single note !
"Crossing times" with just the right amount of oriental touches in it finally slows down a little but I keep focused !

"Dreamcather" starting drums only but soon filled again with skillfull played arrangements.
"Awake" goes from bombastic keys to emotional singing filled with guitar riffs played fast and hard.
"The far side of the world" is the slowest song here , very emotional where Nadejda shows once again how amazing here voice is.
The last song is "Allegiance to fall" 
I didn' tell at the start but this album is conceptual with texts that reflects the essence of the world , the inner struggle of man and the consequences of choice.
This is an amazing piece of music ! The band worked on this for several years but in the end it's simply perfect.  Even the production is at the top of what's possible.  This band is from Russia remember ?  I know lot's of European or American bands that are nothing compared to this !!  My deepest respect goes to Nadejda !!  I always concidered Tarja the top of singing in this style but hearing Nadejda I have serious doubts !  No I'm not joking !
Can someone please book this band and bring them to a stage or a festival here so they can show us how symphonic metal should sound !


Timeless (Intro)
Collapse of Empire
Under cover of Darkness
End of Pretense
Alone with the Wind
Crossing Times
Black Sun
The Far side of the World
Allegiance to Fall

Revlin Project - Dimension (2017)

Great music nowadays comes from almost all over the world , I've learned a lot in the last year about bands from Brazil , Argentina & Chile to name just a few !

But here we have an amazing project from Peru called "Revlin Project" ! This project is in it's entirely composed and produced by Nilver Pérez
(a just 20 years young prodigy) who plays also keyboards in various other bands (Arise to Heaven , Ex:ilio , Verqserek........)
With the additions of various singers from several countries such as Jordi Castilla (Spain) , Harold Waller (ex Supremacy Colombia), Rodrigo Marenna (Brazil) ,
Renato Costa (Brazil) , David Fernandez (Colombia) or Zico Franco (Peru) among others you get to hear a surprisingly good album !!
I also love the fact that the songs are half in Spanish , half in English language so that brings more variation in the whole cd !
With Nilver as composer of all songs you might that the focus here will be on the keyboards , but that's not the case here , and that's a good thing !!
I should describe the music of Revlin Project as melodic hardrock with great AOR influences.
The Cd was produced by Solar Empire Record and by Nilver Pérez himself, with the mixing and mastering done by Aquiles Solar (an exceptional musician who also
plays guitars , bass , drums).
The amazing artwork is done by Ricardo Esteban and Alex Mendieta Castro !

After an amazing intro (lot's of key's here) the album starts with
-- "Sólo Tú" where you immediatly hear that Nilver masters his instrument extremely well , an energetic song with well balanced arrangements , sung in Spanish by Jordi Castilla. I also love the guitar parts played here !
-- "Vive" again sung in Spanish by Sairon Solano has a more melodic approach to it. Sailon's voice has that typical Spanish touch , I just love this !
-- "Llevame a ti" sung by Ziko Franco and with beautifull keyboards at the start is a great 80's style song and is accompanied by excellent guitar playing.
-- "Enamorándote" with David Fernandez on vocals is a very beautifull ballad with acoustic guitars. The song is a mix from European melodic rock combined with traditional South American elements.
-- "So alive" again with Ziko Franco on vocals (this time in English) and I must say he sings even better here ! Just listen to the song and let it take you away to a time where great
melodic music was made !
-- "Te sueño en silencio" with David Fernandez is another semi ballad with a great chorus and again with great guitar playing !
-- "Recuerdos" with the amazing voice of Ricardo Esteban is a more rocking song compared to the others. One of my favorite songs on the album , it has everything from great guitars to solid drums !! Listen to the guitar solo in this song !
-- "Pantheismum" even kicks into a higher gear with David Fernandez singing with a high vocal range ! Uptempo , heavy guitars , high energy song !!
-- "Nova" stays in that same style with a heavy uplifting tempo and solid drums. Still very melodic but with many touches of old style metal in it ! (you can even hear a double bass drum here).
-- "Hasta el fin" is the Spanish version same of the last song on the album "Til the end" , an amazing AOR tune sung by both Sairon Solano & David Fernandez. This song again makes me drift away to the years long gone when this music ruled !!

Bonus tracks are:
-- "Live again" (Rodrigo marenna) and "Keep holding on" (Feat. Harold Waller) both are English versions of the songs "Vive" & Sólo tu". Both songs have that European sound and both Rodrigo and Harold are the best choice here as vocals. I do prefer Rodrigo's voice but that's a personal choise , both are very good singers but the echo on Harold's voice is a bit to much for me.
And then the last song "Til the end" , only on the European version of the album , this is the best song on the entire album. Sung by my friend Renato Costa , he sounds simply stunning here ! I'm not just saying this because he is my friend , just listen for yourself and you'll agree with me !! His voice has matured a lot in the last year but here I'm almost lost for words ! Pure AOR bliss played to absolute perfection ! Both Nilver and Renato gain my deepest respect !
Nilver surely knows his music and has surrounded him with very good musicians who all have the skills and the tallent to make this album sound above average !!
You may rest assure that I will follow the future career of this young promising artist who composes and plays the music that I like most.
A great album, worthy of applause, and hopefully gets a follow up in the future !! 

For Europe the best way to buy the album is through the Bandcamp page of the band or by sending e-mail to Nilver here !


01. Intro
02. Sólo tú
03. Vive
04. Llévame a ti
05. Enamorándote
06. So alive
07. Te sueño en silencio
08. Recuerdos
09. Pantheismum
10. Nova
11. Hasta el fin
12. Live again (bonus track)
13. Keep holding on (bonus track)
14. Til the end (exclusive european bonus)


Ignea - The sign of faith (2017)

In may I got the debut album from Ignea , a Ukrainian oriental metal band with female vocals and with oriental influences !!  Album was released in february 2017 !
I just love bands who use this oriental touches in their music !! You must know I'm a big fan of "Myrath" & "Persona" so I was very anxious to listen to this one !

The band was founded in 2011 under the patronymic of Parallax and released an Ep "Sputnik" in 2013, the band changed its name at the end of 2015 to become Ignea.
In Latin, Ignea means inflamed, filled with ardor and passion. A definition that applies perfectly to the music of the group.
“The Sign of Faith” is the first full-length album by Ignea. Most of the tracks on the album are with that oriental touch , this combined with traditional middle eastern melodies, as well as female vocals. The album is pierced with the ideas of religion. "Helle Bogdanova" has a very good voice , she signs clean , high , classical but also takes the grunts for her part !!

The album starts with “Seytanu Akbar” a special song that's also presented visually on you tube in surrealistic style with references to Salvador Dali !
The guitars are aggressive & the rhythms are heavy. The keybords supports all this perfectly. The perfect balance of melody and power.
The song "Alexandria" is based on a very-very old demo (2011 or so) when the band had still another lineup ! The song is about the ancient city of Alexandria, known for its beauty and large library. It is sung on behalf of a person who is having controversial feelings towards the city. He feels the power that can destroy the walls in a blink of an eye, but at the same time worships its beauty and wisdom of the people and numerous books in the library. The guitar solo of Dmitri Vinninchenko accompanied with the traditional bouzouki is simply stunning !!
The song "Petrichor" is the first single of the album and features Yossi Sassi (ex Orphaned Land) who performed bouzukitara and guitar solo lines.Petrichor's main theme is based on a Lebanese folklore song "Al Oula".
"Theater of Denial" is an amazing symphonic ballad , it starts with piano and ticking of a clock , Helle 's voice is smooth and thanks to the oriental mood you feel like you're on an amazing trip !
The song “Jahi” , a demoness of lasciviousness....While many people perceive darkness as something bad, this song presents the idea that it is just the opposite , something unknown. Listen to the words in the breakdown where it's illustrated clearly.
"Halves Rupture" is a fast song with quite a "joyful" melody, it's meaning is sad and is about a romantic heartbreak. The song has lot's of grunts in it but still suits very well with the oriental mood ! This was the first track the band revealed from the album. The band said they were really scared that many of their fans wouldn't perceive the song !
"Last Chosen By You" is an imaginary tale about a girl who is one of the wives to a man. She is tired of being kept at home and told what to be done. She is so tired to live under the veil. Finally she kills her husband to become free.
"Alga" is a very special track for the band ! It's composed in traditions of symphonic metal but recorded with a symphony orchestra of forty musicians and takes you into the world of a Tim Burton and his appointed composer Danny Elfman. Alga evokes the deportation of the Crimean Tatars ordered by Joseph Stalin in 1944.
The song “How I Hate the Night” is known as “Marvin’s Lullaby” - you know Marvin ? The Paranoid Android, from the movie "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy"
The line “Try to count electric sheep” is a reference to Philip K. Dick's novel - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - which is the favorite book of Helle.
"Leviathan" a cover of the Norwegian electric trio "Ultra Sheriff" (album "Deception,oil and laser beams" 2012) , but man this is amazing !!! No kidding , I simply love the musical composition combines heavy grunts with smooth oriental keys. Amazing song and despite the fact that it's a cover for me the best song here !!
"Sputnik" as last is a symphonic version of the song made by Xes Dreams band.

Ignea's debut album is all together an amazing piece of music !! Knowing the fact that playing metal in Ukraine is not a sinecure.....the conditions are not always optimal to live fully of this passion , and this with the disinterest of the media and the public and tense political situations !!
The band uses the oriental elements like Myrath and Persona but are so much different than these two bands ! Ignea is heavier ,more gothic than symphonic.
The use of the oriental instruments are simply stunning ! Helle's voice is amazing (ok I admit I'm not a big fan of grunts but here it all fits very well).
She puts great variation in her singing , just what this kind of music needs !!
I'm sure this album will be liked by all fans of gothic , oriental , altenative metal !! I for one love this and if they ever deside to release it on vinyl I simply must have it !!
The album can be ordered on the band's website:


01. Seytanu Akbar (04:40)
02. Alexandria (03:57)
03. Petrichor (03:32)
04. Theatre of Denial (04:18)
05. Jahi (07:36)
06. Halves Rupture (04:04)
07. Last Chosen by You (02:57)
08. Alga (06:17)
09. How I Hate the Night (03:21)
10. Leviathan (04:53)
11. Sputnik (Xes Dreams Version) (02:52)


Hidden Lapse - Redemption (2017)

About 2 weeks ago I got this debut album from Rockshots music.

Now to be completely honnest, me and progressive metal have a sort of love hate relation.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like prog metal but it's no easy music so for me it's either very good or very bad.
Sure I like Dream Theater , Ayreon to name just the 2 greatest for me ! Well let me say immediatly that from now on I can add Hidden Lapse to that list !
It took a few spins but I can assure you this debut is simply awesome !!

Hidden Lapse is a metal band hailing from Italy, deeply influenced by the progressive metal scene as well as the modern and alternative metal.

The album has all the elements that good prog must have but these 3 young musicians add a dose of their own unique sound. The most suprising and unique thing is that here you get female vocals !!! Beautifully sung by Alessia Marchigiani !

“Redemption” is both a fictionary and everyday tale about a nameless young woman facing tough choices and consequences, through a long inner journey !!
It's a metaphor, something happens, but you don’t get to know if it is real, an intimate journey or just a bizzarre version of an everyday tale.
The story here is used to talk about drugs abuse, death sentence and genderal absence of empathy, a distant mirage, not for everyone to understand. A very dark story
The story told here is about a young girl and her son. I didn't have the lyrics with this promo but thanks to Marco I got some liner notes !!

The young girl got into prostitution when she was young. She got in love with a guy from the street and gets pregnant. He then dies devastated by drug abuse, but before leaving, he asks her to keep their baby anyway.
So she tries to get on the “right way” and start growing the newborn. It doesn’t take a long time for him to fall in the same abyss as his mother !
Suffering follows. Hate and love between them: she get's beaten, hated. Drug blinds. Grim societies do it too. When he’s a teen, he prepares a perfect crime for money, but She follows him and when police is coming, she gets the fault and let him flee. She gets death sentenced, since in the end she gets the fault for any of her son’s crimes. Near death, a few minutes before the execution, she thinks back and decides that she would never let her son see the light again if she had the chance to choose again.

The album starts with an instrumental "Prologue" , kinda futuristic mood accompanied by piano. The mood is set.....
“Silent Sacrifice”, is where we see her crime through the eyes of a detective and get a glimpse about her intentions and love, we go back through her suffering and considerations about the decaying world around her. Alessia 's voice is perfect and fits very good with the progressive sound.
Then again an instrumental "Interlude - The right to remain silent". I'm listening with my eyes closed and my headphones and it's like I'm actualy in the scene !
Marco and Allesia both sing parts of the story in "Drop" a song about the grim fate to those who fight alone !
A piano intro is the start of her "Lucid Nightmare" nicely followed by "Pure" where you can hear the intimate struggle between them !
- No one deserves a pain like this - she says in "Redemption" , an amazing song again with both Marco and Alessia and with a great guitar solo weaven in the song , my personal favorite on this album !
"Interlude - The last meal" is an instrumental piece that speakes for itself , it's like I can almost see and feel what's happening !
“Compassion” is about the lack of empathy (this was also the first single released by the band)
In “Awareness”, that is months after “Silent Sacrifice” -- She’s walking to the “silver chair” and weak and powerless, she decides to accept the sentence, but to repudiate her own choices. The album closes perfect with the "Epilogue - Mercy upon your soul"

For me this is for sure an amazing debut album , yes you heard it right !! (Remember me in the beginning about progressive metal)
I listened to the album many times before I could even start writing this review. This is such an amazing story that can actualy happen in the world we live in now !
Each time I listened I heard things that I missed before , or I immagined it in a different way.
Even after writing all this down I will keep on listening to this. I never thought I would say this but this is progressive metal as it should be , played and performed perfectly !
Alessia's voice is amazing and as I said before fits very well with the music. I can easily recomend this album to all fans of progressive / alternative metal !
One of the highlights this year that will easily end up high in many lists ! A must buy if it's up to me.


01. Prologue: Dead woman walking 
02. Silent Sacrifice 
03. Interlude: The right to remain silent 
04. Drop 
05. Lucid Nightmare 
06. Pure 
07. Redemption 
08. Interlude: The last meal 
09. Compassion 
10. Awareness 
11. Epilogue: Mercy upon your soul



Leather Jacks - The lost arks of rock and roll (2017)

Independant release (Mauro Cordeiro)

Digital release april 18th 2017 on various digital platforms.
Physical cd     june 2017.

Only 3 weeks ago I found this band on facebook and immediatly I got interested to find out more about this.

Leather Jacks was created in 2016 by singer,songwriter and guitarist Mauro Cordeiro from Sao Paulo (Brazil). He wrote all the songs , plays all instruments , sang all vocals , produced , recorded and mixed the album ! The man simply does everything !
I contacted him and after a small chat I knew right away that this guy makes music with the greatest passion.
His main concept is to bring back the good old days from hardrock / heavy metal !!
This debut cd proves that he knows what he's doin' !!

9 well crafted hardrock songs (8 and 1 instrumental) that bring back the glory of the 80's !

He plays various styles on this debut so the cd never gets bored.
Songs like "People (we're chosen ones)" that has a sleazy vibe in it.
"Crocodile's heart" has Dokken written all over it !! Awesome !
"Burning wire" & "Leatherjacks" are both sollid hardrock songs with beautifull guitars throughout the songs. Both songs remind me of Dio , Wasp , Maiden.....
"Emotions on sale" is more a semi ballad and starts with a nice bluesy guitar intro !
On this song it hits me that how good his voice actually sounds !
"The slammer" & "Do you fucking pay my bills" both are again very sollid rock songs , well played !
"Motocross" is the instrumental track on the album , I'm not a big fan of intrumental tracks so I skip to the last song.
"The lost arks of rock and roll" is again a very classy hardrock song with that Dokken feeling in it.
For me this is the best song on here and it closes the album leaving me with the urge to start immediatly all over again.

Bottom line , this is a very good debut album from a man that has music in his blood !!

I can easily recomend this album to all lovers of classic hardrock music. If you're a fan of bands like Dokken,Dio,Wasp,Maiden,Motorhead,Y&T and more like this than this is something you should check out !
I for one can't wait for the physical cd to be released.
Mauro my friend , you rock man !!
Not only did I discover a great band but I know also that I have a new friend in you ! Until we meet my friend.


01. People (We´re Chosen Ones)
02. Crocodile´s Heart
03. Burning Wire
04. Leatherjacks
05. Emotions on Sale
06. The Slammer
07. Do You Fucking Pay My Bills?
08. MotocrossInstrumental
09. The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll (Believe in Yourself)


Viana - Viana (2017)

Thanks to Street Symphonies records and Atomic stuff promotion I got this debut album by Viana for listening !

Viana is a brand new melodic rock project that was formed by the Italian guitarist Stefano Viana. 

His name is totaly new to me (and maybe for many of you also). Stefano Viana takes up the guitar at age of 16, when the glorious 80s Hard Rock was at its highest splendor.
Influenced by artists just like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne and Y&T,
Stefano started recording his first songs in 1996 fascinated by recordings process techniques.
He self-produced two unreleased Cds and, during the works on the second one,
he met Alessandro Del Vecchio, asking him to get inolved in the production of his first official solo album.
They already started working on the album back in 2009 but due to personal problems Stefano was forced to keep everything on stand by so he could give priority to his family issues !
They started working on the album again in april 2016 , and with Alessandro's skills as a songwriter and producer then very quickly they had 10 captivating rock songs !
Besides Alessandro Stefano got the help from some of the finest musicians on the italian scene !
Francesco Marras (Revolution Road, Moonland) on guitar,
Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Chasing Violets, etc.) on bass
and Alessandro Mori (Midnite Sun, Kelly Keeling, Issa, etc.) on drums,
Gabriele Gozzi (Rhyme, Skill In Veins, Killer Klown) on backing vocals and
Pasquale India on keyboards on his homonymous debut album. 

Viana plays melodic hardrock with some influences from AOR and even blues ! It's not a totally guitar driven album (and that's a good thing) but all 10 songs are well crafted with lots of catchy pieces !
With the intro on the first song Stefano shows immediatly his potential as a guitar player but what strikes me the most to be honnest is Alessandro's voice !! I already knew he could sing but here he really shines !
There are besides the rocking songs also a few (power) ballads on the album like "Feel your love tonight" and "Follow the dawn"
"A new love" is for me one of the best songs on the album , very catchy and again Alessandro at his best !
With the last song I have my doubts a bit. Don't get me wrong it's a very nice track but even after a few spins I still have mixed feelings. 

Overall a very nice debut album that should please all fans of melodic guitar driven music !
Maybe a bit more variation on a next album and no more than 2 ballads or so but for me
things are looking very good for the future of Viana.
Stefano has a good start with this debut and I'm sure he has much more where this came from. 


1. Straight Between Our Hearts
2. Bad Signs
3. Feel Your Love Tonight
4. Night of Fire
5. Follow the Dawn
6. A New Love
7. Living a Lie
8. Just to Sing
9. Open Road
10. That Place Is You


Creye - Straight to the top (2017)

Last week I got this promo cd of a new swedish band "Creye" ! Creye is a melodic rock band that was created by guitarist Andreas Gullstrand. 
The band has that typical 80's AOR sound !  Huge keyboards and sollid guitar playing !
The vocals done by Alexander Strandell are simply stunning.

Only 3 songs on this promo but they 3 amazing ones !
With the first 2 songs "Straight to the top" and "Never too late" you hear immediatly that these young guys listened very good to the great bands in the genre like HEAT,Houston,....
The songs are catchy and both with lots of keys like I said before !
This is how AOR music must sound !!  These guys nailed it perfectly.
The 3rd song is a cover from Robert Tepper and me being a huge R.T. fan I thought this song is impossible to cover perfectly ! Man was I wrong !!  This is actualy an amazing version of the classic R.T. song...I would even dare to say: a better version of the song !!

So bottom line , keep your eyes open for these guys in the near future because when they will release a full cd these guys will for sure end up high in many top 10 lists of 2017 !

Alexander Strandell-Vocals
Andreas Gullstrand-Lead Guitar
Gustaf Örsta-Bass
Joel Rönning-Keyboards 
Arvid Filipsson-Drums
Philip Lindstrand-Backing vocalist

Still Living - Humanity (2017)

This review is very personal to me because in the past year I've got to know the band and especially Renato Costa, not only a great singer but by now also a great friend.
Renato my friend this one is for you, hope to meet you soon sometime:

My story with Still Living begins almost the same as it did with Marenna (review here also) I think it was october 2015. I saw some info about the band on a Brazilian website where they were highly recomended...the guys just had their 2nd album "Humanity" out by then !
Before I even heard one song I already started looking where to get this album but at that time it was almost impossible to find here (Belgium) and import prices were sky high !
After a few weeks I just contacted the band on their facebook page and the next day I got message from Renato Costa with al info I needed. By then I only heard a few songs and couldn't wait to hear the full cd !
It took a few weeks to get to me but man this was worth the wait big time ! 
10 songs + 2 bonus tracks filled with well written,sollid AOR/Melodic rock songs !

The cd kicks in with "Flying High" - a well arranged catchy song with lyrics that will stick in your ears for days to come.
Renato immediatly impresses me here with his vocals ! And there are still 11 songs to come ! 
"Signs" is a killer AOR song filled with layers of keyboards and Renato's amazing voice that makes me dream away to the 80's when all great music was made ! This song will make all your dreams come true ! AOR played by the numbers !!
"Murder of Crows" is a more european sounding melodic song, reminds me a bit of spannish 91 Suite ! Great guitar playing here by Eduardo Holanda !!
"You Remain Alive" is an amazing song with a bluesy guitar sound...a ballad so beautiful and touching it almost brought tears to my eyes ! Eduardo Holanda again shines here with his superb guitar playing !
"Humanufactured" is a great song that's more guitar oriented. Listen to the lyrics on here, about how our the world is changing. 
"Stolen Prayer" 80's keyboards mixed with distorted guitar .
on "Shelter" I'm taking a huge trip down memory lane again, a song performed with so much emotions (be sure to also watch the videoclip HERE). 
I was personally touched very much by the greatness of this song !! 
"Eyes" is a stunning song with an amazing piano intro that transforms into an amazing power ballad, again reminding me of better days and where Renato proves once again to me how remarkable his voice is. If you're an emotional person be sure to sit down while listening to this song. This is for sure one the highlights for me !!
"Way Back Home" again brings me back to the 80's with lots of keyboards and a great guitar solo ! 
with "Rock 'n Roll Thunder" I immediatly thought 'Whitesnake' !! Classic hardrock with sollid guitar playing and Renato singing with a slight roughness in his voice.
first bonus "Hollow Man" is more of a semi ballad , a bit of a strange song with heavy lyrics that will make you think about things...
I had to listen a few times to this song with a deeper sound !
The album closes with "Surrender" a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitar this time and where yet again Renato shows to me how beautiful and versatile his voice can be !

On "Humanity" Still Living shows excellent musicianship, well-crafted and extremely melodic ! Almost all the songs have that great 80's vibe in it.
All this combined with Renato's excellent singing make's this to one of the greatest discovery's I've did in a long time ! These guys know their music !
You can hear they play their music by heart; songs filled with emotions, great guitar playing, huge keyboards where needed and a very good production.
Another proof that Brazil and more specific "Still Living" are very capable of making excellent AOR music !
Very recomended to all 80's, AOR music lovers worldwide !

With the album out for almost 1 year now the band recently signed by new label "Rockcompany" in the Netherlands so that "Humanity" gets a better worldwide distribution.
So everyone better be sure to keep an eye on these guys because I'll bet you for sure that they will impress the whole world with things to come ! 
I for one can't wait for new songs !!!

Renato Costa - Vocals
Eduardo Holanda - Guitars
Leandro Andrade - Bass
Thiago Nascimento - Keyboards
Cleber Melo - Drums

Previous releases "From Now On" (2012) - now remastered and with 1 bonus song !
For info contact band through e-mail !

The band provides a free download for their new EP "The History Of Singles". 
In this promotional edition, are the singles released amongst 2012 and 2015! Enjoy !! 
Download here!

Marenna - No regrets (2017)

I'm always searching for new bands that reflect the spirit of good melodic/AOR music !
Last year I read somethign about a new band from Brazil "Marenna" so I immediatly searched for more info !!  Marenna is a band formed around Rodrigo Marenna (also vocals for Lacrosse) and at that time they just had a Ep out "My unconditional faith" ! With just 3 songs (and an accoustic version) this Ep made me hope for more !

Now 2016 Marenna is back with their first full cd "No Regrets" that's already available in brazil and getting a european release in december , on Lions Pride music !
Next to the band members Rodrigo Marenna (vocals),Jonas Godoy (guitar&keyboards), Aaron Alves (bass guitar) and Gionathan Sandi (drums) - there are many guest participations on here !  (Sasha Z, Mauro Caldart, Bruno Mello, Guilherme Mello, Rafael Netto, Fernando Mig)

After the first listen I already knew that this is one hell of a release ! 
Excellent melodic rock with great vocals and amazing guitars !  All songs are written in that good old 80's tradition with catchy lyrics and great melody !

The cd immediatly kicks of with the amazing "Reason to live" ! With excellent guitar playing by Rafael Netto from Bateria !
"Can't let you go" & "Never surrender" are pure melodic songs filled with all the necessary elements !!  I'm reliving my youth al over again here !
"Come back" is more of a ballad where Rodrigo proves he also masters the softer more mellow kind of singing.  "The price" is a modern rock song with great guitars.
With "Fall in love again" the band provides you with the highlight of this album ! This is just one of those songs that you'll keep on playing again and again and......this is what melodic rock should be !!
On the more up-tempo "About love" the band combines classic melodic rock with modern influences ! 
"Forever" is a song full of melody and catchy lyrics while "So different" is again a ballad with great singing by Rodrigo.
The album finishes with "No regrets" a song full of powerfull guitar and killer vocals !

"No Regrets" is a huge step forward for the band ! The album is filled with well written songs with all the classic elements of big 80's sounding bands , played by excellent musicians and with a production that is the top !
This is a must buy for all fans of the genre , an album that brings back all the memories of the 80's combined with some more modern touches !

For those who can't wait for the European version (with 3 bonus video's) you can mail the band for this Brazilian release :

Watch the video for "Can't let you go" here:

You can also follow the band on soundcloud :