Brazilian metal band Tchandala announce tracklist for upcoming new album.

Tchandala - Resilience
Release: 2017 

"Resilience" is the result of amazing teamwork and shows the evolution and maturity of the band. They started writing with the songs shortly after the release of the Cd "Fear of Time".

When keyboardist Tony Souza had to leave the band for personal reasons, it was decided that a second guitarist would be in place to add weight to the songs. For the post was Will Moreira invited who was already known by the band.
The composition phase included rehearsals, meetings and recordings that allowed listening to details of the songs and discussing the structure of each. As the tracks began to take shape, Dejair and Pablothe began to write the lyrics. During pre-production tracks were recorded to allowe the band to define the progress that worked best for each one and to take care of the details for the melodies of voice. They were also used to send to people who would make special appearances. Before the beginning of the recordings, Will had to leave the band for personal reasons and Rafael Moraes took over the post and recorded some solos.
The album 'Resilience' was recorded, mixed and mastered in Revolusom Studio and produced by Tchandala and Revolusom Studio. The album also features special guest appearances: American vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest, former Iced Earth), the duo Clarice Pawlow and Renan Fontes and vocalist Iuri Sanson (Hibria).

The band has just released the first track of the album: "Resilience" that you can watch here.


1. The Flame
2. Labyrinth
3. Valley of Greed
4. Lamento do Velho Chico
5. Tears of River
6. Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension
7. Flatland
8. Shadows
9. Father´s Spirit
10. Caesar
11. Resilience
12. Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension (Acustic)


British progressive band Threshold announce upcoming new album

Threshold - Legends of the shires
Release: 08-09-2017 

British Progressive icons Threshold have announced their new album 'Legends Of The Shires' that will be released via Nuclear Blast on September 8th. The band has already unveiled the first single from the release, the ultra-Prog epic "Lost In Translation", which has a song length of over ten minutes !
Legends Of The Shires will be the band's eleventh studio album and their first ever double album; it also features Glynn Morgan back on vocal duties for the first time since 1996.

The album artwork was created by Russian artist Elena Dudina. Speaking about the artwork Richard West says, “I love it when a cover tells you what sort of record you're buying. This one really shouts "progressive" and reminds me of some of the classic prog albums from the 20th century.”

Watch the lyric video for "Lost In Translation" here:


CD 1:
1. The Shire (Part 1) 2:03
2.Small Dark Lines 5:24
3.The Man Who Saw Through Time 11:51
4.Trust The Process 8:44 
5.Stars And Satellites 7:20
6.On The Edge 5:20

CD 2:
7. The Shire (Part 2) 5:24
8. Snowblind 7:03
9.Subliminal Freeways 4:51
10.State Of Independence 3:37
11. Superior Machine 5:01
12. The Shire (Part 3) 1:22
13. Lost In Translation 10:20
14. Swallowed 3:54

Scherer/Batten debut album coming in sptember.

Scherer-Batten - Battlezone
Release: 22-09-2017 

Scherer/Batten is of course, none other than vocalist Marc Scherer (Scherer/Peterik) and star guitarist Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson). 
Together the pair have teamed up with the same musical talent that featured on the 2015 Peterik/Scherer album "Risk Everything" together with some fresh new faces to help craft an absolute melodic rock gem. 
"BattleZone" features material exclusively from the Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions, The Ides of March) songbook. Featuring 8 rare musical gems from Jim’s songwriting vault, the album also features 3 brand new tracks, written for this project. 
That’s 11 new classic songs, produced by Jim Peterik and featuring an impressive lineup !
For decades, Marc Scherer has been a celebrity in his own right. What continues to make him uncommon with this celebrity is his stealth approach. As a young singer, he toured Europe with Lovecraft, formerly known as H.P. Lovecraft, an American psychedelic rock band formed in Chicago. Because it was a tumultuous group, and due to his interest in other forms of art, Scherer put his singing career on the shelf, knowing that one day he would want to return.
"BattleZone" will be released via Melodic rock records September 22nd.

New Spanish AOR band Zhenx debut album out now.

Zhenx - Zhenx
Release:  17-07-2017 

Zhenx is an interesting project put together by ex-Baron Rojo bassist, Gorka Alegre in 2016. 
This project enlists some of Spain's finest rock musicians along with a host of other well known guests.
Included in the line-up is Herman Rarebell who is ex-Scorpions drummer, Bill Leverty of Firehouse, on guitars and David Reece, ex-Accept and Bangalore Choir, providing duet vocals.
The handling of lead vocals and providing a contribution to songwriting is David A. Saylor, who was ex-Push UK.
The final result was undertaken over a 12 month period and was completed in 2017. 
The finished hard rock album is superb, hard hitting and melodic.  David Saylor's voice feels so much at home but moves in a different direction to his solo albums and other projects he was involved with in the past. 
Zhenx is for fans who are into bands like Def Leppard and China, aswell as early Gotthard albums. 
David Saylor passed away early 2017 and sadly, he never got to hear the final mix.
The album will be released through AOR Boulevard records !
1.  Action
2.  Breakaway
3.  Evergrey
4.  Dog's Of Destiny
5.  Distant Memories
6.  Jumping Off The Skyline
7.  Injection
8.  On My Way
9.  Turn Down The Light

Debut album from Italian project "Mindfar" out now

Mindfar - The dark tower
Release: 03-06-2017 

As the main project of the italian composer and guitarist Armando De Angelis, Mindfar has the ambition to create complex musical journeys through the land of imagination, willing to find the right sound for the right stories.
Taking the start from a solid progressive-power metal base, the project draws influences from classical, melodic rock, pop and much more, in a range as wide as its mastermind's love for music.
"The Dark Tower" is a concept album inspired by the magnum opus of the great writer Stephen King.
It's written like a classic rock opera, with two voices playing several characters. The sound ranges from Progressive Rock to Progressive Metal, with a male and a female voice singing together, and some symphonic elements.
The album was released on june 3rd through Underground Symphony records !


01) The Gunslinger
02) The Drawing of The Three
03) The Waste Lands
04) Wizard And Glass
05) Little Sisters
06) The Story Of The Clargymen Pt. 1
07) The Wolves
08) The Story Of The Clargymen Pt. 2
09) Her Song
10) The Dark Tower

Da Vinci return after 25 years with new album

Da Vinci - Ambition rocks 
Release: 25-08-2017 

Looking back on the Norwegian melodic rock of the 80s, one of the bands to leave a major impression was undoubtedly Oslo’s Da Vinci.
Enjoying as much radio play and charting nationally in the same league as Return, Stage Dolls and TNT, Da Vinci released two albums, ”Da Vinci” and ”Back In Business”
Their greatest hits were “Forever In My Heart” and “Tarquinia” from the first album; and “Call Me A Liar” and “9&10” from “Back In Business”.
They split up in '93, but Selboskar, Westlie and Aass continued to write songs together for a few years.
Some of these demo songs were illegally released in Europe.
In 2004 Selboskar and Westlie started to write AOR songs together again and formed Eidsivating with the drummer from Son Of Angels, Geir Digernes, and after some years with a lot of songs and different members, this project ended up in today’s Da Vinci.
Now 25 Years after their last release and 31 years after their formation, Norway’s Da Vinci returns with a new album "Ambition Rocks"
The album will be released through AOR Heaven on august 25th !

You can watch the first single "I've come all this way" here.


1. The Return
2. Vicious Circle
3. Curious Sensation
4. I've Come All This Way
5. See U When I See You
6. Rocket of Fame
7. Angel
8. Storm on the Horizon
9. Little Lonely
10. Sole Survivor
11. Painted Lady
12. You're Mine
13. Touch of Humanity

Short news.

-- Symphonic folk metal band "Chrysilia" (Greece) is very excited to announce the release of their debut album "Et In Arcadia Ego"
out October 12th via Lion Music Record Label.
At the same time they launch the first single "Desperate Wings" 

-- It is with great pride and enthusiasm that MelodicRock Records can announce the addition of two super stars of the melodic rock scene to the label.
We’re talking none other than Vic Rivera and Jamie Rowe, collectively known as Adriangale.
AdrianGale has signed to MRR for their next studio album, which is under way currently, with plans to take it slow, get everything perfected for a release in early 2018.

-- MelodicRock Records is very pleased to announce an extension of the relationship with S.A.Y mastermind Jan Akesson, working with the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer on his debut solo album ‘Ascension’, set to be released August 26 under the moniker Jan Akesson’s Shadow Rain.

-- Steelheart - Through worlds of stardust, The Follow-Up To Their 2008 Album , Should Be Released On September 15th

-- New album from "Hell in the club" - See you on the dark side Should Be Released On September 15th.

-- Newman studio album number 11 "Aerial" is in the can, as they say. More asap !!
watch the new video clip "Life to remember" here.

-- The talented guitar virtuosa "Jennifer Batten" has teamed up with rock vocalist "Marc Scherer" for a potent synergy that can't be ignored.
These two rock veterans build and blend their talents and are releasing a new album "Battlezone" on September 22nd.

-- Amberian Dawn is ready with the new album ! New album is mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios - Helsinki/Finland.
News about release date, cover art, track listing etc. will be announced soon by their label "Napalm records"

-- UK melodic rock band Departed have been confirmed as special guests on the “Michael Schenker Fest” November UK Tour.
Dates include O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Nov 2), O2 Academy Sheffield (Nov 3), O2 Ritz Manchester (Nov 4) and Hull City Hall (Nov 5).


Streamline from Sweden announce debut album in august

Streamline - Streamline
Release: august 2017 

"Streamline" (formerly known as Diamond Dawn) in association with Phonofile proudly presents the digital release of Streamlines self titled debut album.
Starting with the release of the first three singles "Freerider", "Barely 
Runnin'" & "Talk It Out" on July 20th 2017, the album will be made available on digital platforms worldwide over the following month.
Building on influences from a century of great bands and artists in the world of rock Streamline set out to create something inspired yet new and exciting. The band was put together by experienced and acclaimed musicians on the Gothenburg scene and was completed by the addition of a grand voice from the north before heading on to the club scene in Sweden. A great deal of attention was attracted and the band has gained a reputation as one the country's foremost live acts with their competent song writing and explosive shows that leave no one without an impression. The debut album consists of eleven bundles of pure rock intensity and the band has managed to produce an interesting variety of styles among the songs through years of writing and playing. Fans of classic rock, blues rock and action rock will not be disappointed as this hurricane of big riffs, strong vocals, furious organs, heavy basslines and pumping drums is unwrapped before them. Now is the time for Streamline to let world in on the fun and release what's been worked on for some time.


1. Freerider
2. Barely Runnin'
3. Get What's Coming
4. Save Me
5. Blind
6. Pay The Price
7. Talk It Out
8. 2nd Street
9. Deliver Us
10. The Good Samaritan
11. No Rest For The Vicar

Chrysilia debut album coming up in october.

Chrysilia - Et In Arcadia Ego
Release: 12-10-2017 

Chrysilia is a soundtrack/symphonic/folk metal band based in Athens, Greece.
Initially a concept child by musical actress & rock performer Chryso and composer/keyboardist Elias Pero (ex-Sovereign), this quickly evolved to the formation of a band consisting of ambitious, as well as experienced members. Chrysilia has evolved in recent years from a concept to a band with a full album, ready to demons
trate their work live. Producer Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud) has played a pivotal role in this. He believed in this elegant but also dynamic amalgam of folk, soundtrack & metal and gave life to Chrysilia’s compositions, and he also composed one of the album’s songs.
Debut album to be released on October 12th 2017 via Lion Music Record Label.

Here you can watch the video for "Desperate Wings"


1. By The Gates Of Ypsus
2. The Menalon Trail
3. Desperate Wings
4. Arcadia
5. Et in Arcadia ego
6. Chrysilia
7. Altar Of Silence
8. King Of A Stellar War
9. The Fifth Season
10. Desperate Wings (Orchestral Version)


Debut album from Midnite City (UK) coming up october.

Midnight City - Midnight City
Release: october 2017 

The band was formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde.

Armed with an album's worth of material written under the working title of MIDNITE CITY, Wylde approached friend Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) to produce three songs for him to shop to record labels.

The songs 'Nothing's Like Losing You', 'Summer Of Our Lives' and 'Think About You' were then sent out to labels and garnered considerable interest across the board, resulting in a deal being inked with German label AOR Heaven.
With a record deal in place, Newdeck officially joined the band as drummer in the Spring of 2017, alongside Miles Meakin on guitar and Shawn Charvette on keyboards.
With the line up now in place, the band began work on their debut album at PNP Productions in Tewkesbury UK, completing the recordings in June 2017.

With a sound that the band describes as 'Timeless, melodic rock/ hair metal', Midnite City cover all bases when it comes to this much loved genre of music. From ultimate feel good, party rock anthems, to brooding melodic rock monsters, to spine tingling power ballads, they are all here in abundance, and then some.

New H.E.A.T. album coming up in september.

H.E.A.T. - Into the great unknown
Release: 22-09-2017 


Sweden's melodic rock legends H.E.A.T are storming back with their hugely anticipated new studio album 'Into The Great Unknown' on September 22th through Gain/Sony music.
A formal press release is to follow in a few weeks.
Here is the track listing and running time (44.48). 
01. Bastard Of Society 03:50
02. Redefined 04:19
03. Shit City 03:51
04. Time On Our Side 03:53
05. Best Of The Broken 04:32
06. Eye Of The Storm 03:41
07. Blind Leads The Blind 03:22
08. We Rule 05:45
09. Do You Want It 04:05
10. Into The Great Unknown 07:24

Brazilian glam rock band Trigger debut Ep out now.

Trigger - Trigger (Ep)
Release: january 2017 

After a year of hard work Brazilian glam rockers Trigger released their debut album "Trigger" on some of the main digital platforms. The launch came through an official statement on their facebook page on January 27th. Created in 2014, with the idea of rescuing the sound and glamour of the late 80 's
Trigger is a Power Trio from Salvador formed by Gabriel Heiligen, Ícaro Bastos and Ákillas Gomes, where they're widely known for their outstanding characteristics in their music and their "extravagant" visuals. With a special focus on the vocal melodies , coupled with it’s instrumental versatility ! They provide the audience with the experience of the great shows from the "Mainstream" bands of this style.
The Ep contains four tracks that were written with the mission to show that It's still possible to make this style and sound like the original.

Here you can watch the teaser video from the Ep.


01 – Born Again
02 - Satisfaction
03 – Rhythm of Love
04 – Don’t Stay Away