New album coming up from Excalion !

Excalion - Dream alive (2017)
Release: 07-07-2017 

Finnish Power Metal heroes "Excalion" have revealed the details of their new album ‘Dream Alive’, which will be released on July 7th on Scarlet Records. 

Excalion truly shows what shedding skin means. With a vibrant, aggressive, fast yet melodic new album, Excalion steers to the forefront of Finnish Melodic Metal bands. The album builds on the story line that was established with the ‘Centenarian’ single (available through Spotify and iTunes), telling about a modern escapist who lives both the past and present, crafting his own realities. ‘Dream Alive’ takes you through this journey, welcoming you through the pathways of the new century with stories that will not escape your mind.

Excalion’s new line-up combines the powerful vocals of Marcus Lång with the strong compositions of Jarmo Myllyvirta, setting the scene for the band’s signature arrangements, tight rhythms and flawless soloing.


1. Divergent Falling
2. Centenarian
3. Marching Masquerade
4. Amelia
5. Release the Time
6. One Man Kingdom
7. Deadwater Bay
8. The Firmament
9. Man Alive
10. Living Daylights
11.Portrait on the Wall
Act I: Forlorn Son
Act II: Repentance
Act III: To the New World

LionSoul new album coming up in june.

LionSoul - Welcome storm (2017)
Release: 23-06-2017 

LionSoul were born in 2009 by an idea of the guitarist Aurelio Parise after the dissolution of his first musical project.
Their sound is built on european style power metal with some classical heavy and hard rock influences.
In 2011 the newly formed band starts to rehearse some songs written in the two previous years but it is only in late 2012 that the line-up is completed.
After the first live appearances and an intense period of composition LionSoul start to record the songs included in their first album “Omega” released in december 2013, a twelve tracks full length based on the Greek history and mythology, getting very good reviews from the national and international press.
On April 2016 “The Lions” entered the studio to record the successor of Omega under the production of the Italian melodic metal master Alessandro del Vecchio.
The band also resumes live activities with various shows among which one at Live Music Club in Milan, theater of the biggest metal events in Italy, in January 2017.
They recently signed a contract with the German label Limb Music for the release of their second full lenght titled "Welcome Storm" on june the 23th.

Here you can watch a trailer of the album.


1. Beyond Dusk
2. The Principal Warrior
3. Next Genesis 
4. Gatling Sight
5. Bright as Light 
6. Iron Whispers (feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio on vocals)
7. The Thunder Master 
8. A Common Forever
9. Welcome Storm (Eternal Quest) 
10. Lion's Throne

Progressive metal band Anthriel 2nd album coming up.

Anthriel - Transcendence (2017)
Release: 15-06-2017 

Lion Music is proud to announce the June 15 release of Finland's best prog metal act Anthriel's second album "Transcendence".  

Anthriel is a progressive metal band from Tampere. The band was founded in 2004 by Timo Niemistö, Antti Hakulinen and Jari Kuokkanen. Simo Silvan joined Anthriel's singer at the end of 2008.The music of a band is difficult to classify genre, and it can be described as neo-classical, metal and progressive music. Timo Niemistö's handicraft is strongly reflected in Anthriel's music. Basically, the mindset has the basic ideas and structures of the songs that other band members bring their own ideas, adaptations and suggestions. 

After the release of "The pathway" that was inspired by fantasy author R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy. It lasted 6 years before the release of this new one !
The band describes the album as darker and heavier than its predecessor, and includes a strong musical and musical theme.

Here's a teaser from the mastering of the latest album !


01. The calling
02. Under burning skies
03. Oath of darkness
04. Siren's song
05. Painted shadows
06. Rhapsody of fire
07. My dark morning star
08. Fallen souls



New album out for Samarah from Germany.

Samarah - Sci fi sextape (2017)
Release: Indepenant 30-04-2017 

Samarah have been a fixed size in the alternative rock / metal scene for a number of years and can name a loyal fan base. Samarah is energy, melody, power, low-pitched guitars, a charismatic voice that binds you and a good dose of healthy hardness ! Very powerful in your way to break your heart in the next moment. Here is no part too soft, no reef too hard and no complacency too poppig.

Samarah wants only one thing: that their music is heard !
And this is now possible for everyone:

On their homepage you can download 2 Samarah Cd's for free !!  Yes "FREE"  !!!


01- Cameltoe
02- Nostromo
03- Prometheus
04- Veronica Mars
05- Sci-Fi Sextape
06- Frankenstein
07- Rogue One
08- Odyssey
09- Mindcontrol (Comatron Version)
10- Persecution Complex (Bonus Track)

Debut album Last Performance out now

Last Performance - Allegiance to fall (2017)
Release: 07-05-2017 

"Last Performance are representatives of the Russian symphonic-matala. Appearing in 2008, the group immediately chose the style and direction of sound. The composition was recruited almost immediately and it should be noted that for the eight-year history of the band, it changed very rarely. Work on the debut album lasted for several years, which allowed the musicians to fully realize all their ideas and wishes, to experiment with the sound and sharpen each side.
The music of Last Performance is a mixture of hard high-speed guitar riffs combined with a powerful keyboard atmosphere and melodic female vocals.
For a long time the group worked with several keyboardists, until the collaboration with the symphonic arranger from St. Petersburg Kate Sergeeva, which wrote all the orchestrations to the album, began. After successful work with Catherine, the group takes one of the most important decisions - to abandon the live keyboard parts and use symphonic arrangements in concert and studio work.
The debut album 'Allegiance To Fall', which in Russian means 'Devotion to the Fall' is now released. 
The main emphasis in the music of Last Performance is made on a combination of hard high-speed guitar riffs with powerful symphonic arrangements, live choir and melodic female vocals. The conceptuality of the album is expressed in texts filled with reflections on the essence of the world, the inner struggle of man with himself and the consequences of choice. A heavy sound skillfully combined with the emotional and lyrical component, which is most fully displayed in the long epic compositions on the album. "

You can watch a video clip of the song "Under Cover of darnkness" here !


1. Timeless (Intro)
2. Collapse of Empire
3. Under cover of Darkness
4. End of Pretense
5. Alone with the Wind
6. Crossing Times
7. Black Sun
8. Dreamcatcher
9. Awake
10. The Far side of the World
11. Allegiance to Fall

Review for this album here:

Short news.

-- Allan Sorensen is the new drummer for Pretty Maids after Allan Tchicaja had left the band few weeks ago.

-- Sweet & Lynch are hard working on the new album. Expected release date october 2017 on Frontiers records.
On the same date & label you can also expect the second album from Revolution Saints !!

-- The new Soulspell metal opera is almost ready. After 5 years of hard work the band is almost done with their 2nd cd ! 12 epic tracks ! and a list of participants a mile long ! 10 guitarists (amongst them Arjen Lucassen,Jani Liimatainen,Tito Falaschi.....) 3 bass guitarists , 4 keyboard players , 4 drummers ,the 2 harp playing twins Camille and Kennerly a huge choir and an impressive list of vocalists (Blaze bayley,Andre Matos,Dani Nolden,Fabio Lione,Victor Erneka,Timo Kotipelto,Pedro Campos,Arjen Lucassen,Ralf Scheepers,Tim Owens,Oliver Hartmann,Jefferson Albert & Daisa Munhoz).
The album "Act IV - The second big bang" should be out may 25th !

-- UK's melodic rock band 7HY (seven hard years) are in final stages for their 2nd album !
Release date is expected in august 2017 through lions pride music.

-- Serious Black are working under high pressure on their third studio album "Magic",
which will be released at the end of August 2017. Mix already done...album is now in Finnvox studios for mastering !!

-- Tunis progressive metal band Persona are launching a crowdfunding campaign for their second album.
The album is sheduled for october 2017.  Indiego campaign here !

-- AOR band "Acacia Avenue" is almost done with the writing process for the new album.
The album is going to feature a lot of great singers as usual and Torben Enevoldsen will even be singing
a couple of songs himself. More news soon !

-- AOR band Adellaide present their new video for the single "Save our love" 

-- Words from Steve Lukather on New Toto Album “Its Totally Done” !
The great news is the late great Jeff Porcaro is on 5 tracks, his late brother Mike is on 3 tracks
and original bassist David Hungate appears on two songs. The album won't be released however until early next year !


Debut album coming up from power metal band Insatia.

Insatia - Phoenix aflame (2017)
Release: 23-06-2017 

Insatia is an American/Canadian Power Metal band with female vocals.  Founded in 2009 and fronted by Zoë Federoff, the band has released one self produced debut album and opened for multiple international acts, including Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility.
The band's upcoming release "Phoenix Aflame" features a power/symphonic metal style with a guest list that includes Chris Amott (Armageddon, Ex-Arch Enemy), Apollo Papathanesio (Spiritual Beggars, Ex-Firewind), Erica James Foster (The Erica James Band), Christian Hermsdörfer (Serenity, Beyond The Black, Ex-Visions Of Atlantis), and many others.
Produced by Fabio D'Amore (Serenity) and his partner Ivan Moni Bidin (Pathosray), as well as Staffan Karlsson.
Phoenix Aflame is due for release June 23rd via Pitch Black Records. 

Pre order on the bands Bandcamp page here.

For a taste of the title track, which could appeal to fans of Within Temptation, Delain, Stratovarius or Tarja (and with even a few startling Black Label-esque guitar squeals in the mix), listen here !

Insatia "Phoenix aflame"


01. land of the living (intro)
02. Act of mercy
03. Memory of a sapphire
04. Sacred
05. We are the grey
06.Phoenix aflame
07. Not my god
08. Captor and captive
09. Velvet road
10. Healer of hatred


First LeatherJacks video clip !

First LeatherJacks WebClip for "Burning Wire", one of the main Singles from "The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll" Album, released on April 18th. Clip was Directed and Edited by Photographer Caike Scheffer, in colab with Mauro Cordeiro.

Angelwings - Symphonic metal from Gibraltar announce debut album.

Angelwings - The end of innocence
Release: 23-06-2017 

Angelwings will release their debut album "The Edge Of Innocence" on June 23rd, 2017 on Pride & Joy music.
Angelwings were born in April 2013 out of a group of experienced musicians that had been in the local music scene for some time, and who had played in different bands a wide variety of musical genres.
Initially, to gel together as a band it was decided to perform a number of covers from Finnish symphonic metal sensation Nightwish. Soon it became clear to all that original music would have a very considerable element of orchestration. Thus, Angelwings became the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar.
After numerous offers from record labels from around the world, Angelwings sign with Pride and Joy Music label (Germany). The contract came with an option of a follow-up album !

Check out their beautiful album front artwork. The cover was created by one of Germany's finest metal art designers, Thomas Ewerhard.

Watch the video clip for the song "Lilith" here.



1. Wonderland
2. The Fallen
3. Nile Goddess
4. Game Of Life
5. Memories
6. Forbidden Love
7. Embracing Fantasy
8. Lilith
9. The Edge Of Innocence
10. The Legend And The Myth


Selene announced release of 2nd album in june.

Selene - The ravages of time
Release: 23-06-2017 

Symphonic metal band Selene is very happy to announce their second album "The Ravages of Time" that will be released on June 23rd.
‘The Ravages of Time’ continues to develop the sound Selene established on their debut release, showcasing the angelic soprano voice of Shonagh Lyons along with epic orchestration and heavy riffs, while also taking it in a more mature direction that is sure to satisfy fans of bands such as Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot and Serenity. Band founder and main songwriter John Connor had the following to say about the album ‘Ravages of Time is a much more ambitious release than the first album I think. Stylistically we have gone to more extremes than before, with the album as a whole being faster and heavier than previous releases and leaning more on our Power Metal roots, but on the other side of the scale, there are songs such as ‘This Life’ which is much softer and emotionally driven than any previous songs. We spent a year non-stop working on this release and I don’t think it will disappoint”

The second single "Burning Bridges" featuring David Balfour from Maverick has now been released and can be heard here !   

The album will be available in both Physical and Digital versions and is currently available to pre-order on the band's bandcamp page where you will instantly get a download of the first 2 singles: 



1. New Era
2. The Great Heart
3. Ashes
4. Calm Before the Flame
5. Burning Bridges (Ft David Balfour)
6. If Tomorrow Never Came
7. Our Regrets
8. Kingdom
9. Wonderland
10. This Life
11. The End of Time

New Brazilian AOR band Manhattan Avenue announce debut album.

Manhattan Avenue 

Manhattan Avenue is a new AOR / Melodic rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil formed by experienced musicians. Manhattan Avenue emerges as the new bet of AOR/Melodic Rock. The band lineup starts with Ricardo DeStefano on vocals (Inheritance, Freaky Jelly, ex-Andragonia), Guilherme Gaspar on drums (Threat), De Grigo on guitars (Oitoo, ex-Paradise Inc), Ari Gomes on bass (Horyzon) and Richard John Lintulahti on Keyboards (Lyzzhard). M.A. addresses current themes in their music, without losing magic of the 80's years compositions.

Influenced by bands like Work of Art, FM, H.E.A.T., Harem Scarem and Toto !
The band's first single "Side by side" that's just been released can now be viewed here below this message ! 

Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the video shows the band playing their song into a live performance. "Side by Side" is also availabe on Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, Google Play Music, Amazon etc. Extremely recommended for Journey and Work of Art fans !!

More news about Manhattan Avenue will be posted asap !!

First video clip from Manhattan Avenue !!

Oriental metal band Ignea from Ukraine first full length cd out now.

Ignea - The sign of faith
Release: 16-02-2017 

Ignea was started in Kiev, Ukraine back in 2011 under name Parallax. Intentionally, it was the first Ukrainian band to play oriental metal. The band, however, didn't limit itself to strict boundaries of oriental metal, and included elements from symphonic, industrial, modern, progressive and other modern subgenres of metal.

In 2013 the band recorded  its debut EP "Sputnik"
In 2015, the band finally changed its name to Ignea and released a new work called "Alga", named after a war call of Crimean Tatar people. Alga is the first ever original song from a Ukrainian band, recorded with a full symphonic orchestra

On february 16th, Ignea released its first full-length album "The sign of faith". The album has a considerably heavier sound, with lots of growls and authentic middle-eastern melodies, common for oriental metal genre. However, the music keeps his melodic fundamentals.
Half of the album is pierced with the ideas of religion and despite provocative songs, Ignea carries the idea of peace !


01 - ┼×eytanu Akbar
02 - Alexandria
03 - Petrichor
04 - Theatre of Denial
05 - Jahi
06 - Halves Rupture
07 - Last Chosen by You
08 - Alga
09 - How I Hate the Night
10 - Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff Cover)

Review of the album here !




Peruvian AOR band Revlin Project debut album out now !

Revlin Project - Dimension
Release: 08-05-'17

 Revlin Project is a Peruvian Melodic Rock project , founded by keyboardist and composer "Nilver Pérez" of the city of Caraz - Ancash - Peru in 2015.

Nilver composed all the music on this amazing album !!  All songs are AOR / Melodic rock style !

The album is made with the collaboration from many artists :

Ziko Franco (Perú) - So Alive y Llévame a Ti
David Fernández Cely (Colombia) - Nova, Pantheismum, Enamorándote, Te Sueño En Silencio y Hasta El Fin
Jordi Castilla (España) - Sólo Tú
Sairon Solano (Colombia) - Vive y Hasta El Fin Facebook 
Ricardo Esteban (Colombia) - Recuerdos
Harold Waller (Colombia) - Keep Holding On
Rodrigo Marenna (Brasil) - Live Again

Sairon Solano (Colombia) – Choirs and second voices in “Recuerdos”
Harold Waller (Colombia) – Mixing and Mastering in “Keep Holding On”
Johan Acevedo (Colombia) – Guitar Arrangements and Choirs in “”Keep Holding On”
Rodrigo Marenna & Arthur Apple (Brasil) – English version of the song “Vive” -“Live Again”

The album will be released through Solar Empire Records on May 6th in Peru and May 8th for the rest of the world !
You can order the album at the bandcamp page  or send message to MMX productions on their fb page !

Here you can watch a promotional video "Solo tu"  


01. Intro
02. Sólo tú (Ft. Jordi Castilla)
03. Vive (Ft. Sairon Solano)
04. Llévame a ti (Ft. Ziko Franco)
05. Enamorándote (Ft. David Fernández)
06. So alive (Ft. Ziko Franco)
07. Te sueno en silencio (Ft. David Fernández)
08. Recuerdos (Ft. Ricardo Esteban)
09. Pantheismum (Ft. David Fernández)
10. Nova (Ft. David Fernández)
11. Hasta el fin (Ft. David Fernández & Sairon Solano)
12. Live again (Ft. Rodrigo Marenna) (Bonus track)
13. Keep holding on (Ft. Harold Waller from Supremacy) (Bonus track)

Review of the album here !


Bloody Heels announce debut album release in may.

Bloody Heels - Through mystery
Release: 20-05-2017 

"Bloody Heels" from Latvia (Baltic region of Northern europe) have been around since year 2012 and since then the band has released two videos, an EP and toured all over The Baltics and Europe. The EP called "Summer Nights" was released on year 2014, and this year, on May 20, Bloody Heels  will release their long-awaited debut album “Through Mystery”.
This is first a digital release but physical cd's will be made available also on a later date !!

The band has put a lot of effort in the writing process, just to get the right sound and the right feel. The album is well balanced, there are fast and heavy songs yet not missing slower and more melodic sounds and you surely can feel the 80s influences, yet it’s a modern rock album, so they’re excited to finally show the songs to their fans.”

The first video taken from that album “Cheap Little Liar” can be seen here:


Danger Calling
Can’t Help Myself
Through Mystery
Cheap Little Liar
Bittersweet Memories
Take Off Your Mask
Love May Have Gone
One More Time

Debut album That Rock Guy coming up in june.

That Rock Guy - Nothin' to lose 
Release: 30-06-2017 

That Rock Guy is arguably one of the hardest working artists in the world, performing over 1000+ live shows in the last three years alone. Performing energized melodic rock, the Australian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has released his debut album ‘Nothin’ To lose’ to the world, bringing his own brand of powerful no-frills melodic rock to the masses.
On the strength of the demo recording and music video of the fan favorite live song ‘Through The Night’, That Rock Guy was offered a record deal with AOR Heaven and began recording the debut album during a tour of the Middle East. A truly international affair, he returned to Starship Studios in Germany to continue tracking the album in between tours with some additional guitar work at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam, and the final tracks were recorded at Studio 1206 in Japan. With the album fully recorded, the songs headed back to the world renowned Wisseloord Studios in Europe to be mixed by famed Swedish engineer Erik Wiss of WMP. The final touches were completed when the album was mastered by multiple Grammy, gold and platinum award winning mixing and mastering engineer Thomas “Plec” Johansson at the Panic Room in Sweden.

Here you can watch the videoclip from  "Can't Get Enough Of You" (Official Music Video)

Short news.

-- Europe finnished recordings for the new album , sheduled for october 2017.

-- Rolf Hartley, vocalist in 90's favourites Big Bad Wolf is back with a new rock project - Identity Void.
The group features Jim Reitzel: multi-instrumentalist, and acclaimed audio engineer.
On their soundcloud you can listen to the 4 track Ep "Anonymous"

-- New all star project "All 41" announce debut album on July 7th , through Frontiers records.
All 41 is not just another project of Frontiers’ President Serafino's imaginative A&R mind,
but is a project very close to the hearts of each musician involved.
Featuring the amazing Terry Brock (Giant, Strangeways), Robert Berry (Three, Alliance) bass and lead vocals,
Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar, Alliance) on guitar, and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big) on drums.

-- Spanish melodic rockers from Heart 2 Heart signed a deal with Blindfoldead International management.
The label owned by Oscar from "Osukaru"

-- Brazilian metal band Tchandala announce titel of their upcoming new album "Resilience"
The new album also marks the 20th anniversary of the band ! More info asap.

-- Almanac start recordings for the new album end of this month ! Wait for the first studio report !  Info here asap.

-- First single from Brazilian AOR band Manhattan Avenue -"Side by Side" can be watched here !

-- Swedish melodic rock band "Night" announce release of their 3rd album "Raft of the world"
The album will be released through The Sign Records on september 1st and it invites the listener to embark on a new ferocious yet melodic rock 'n' roll journey.  
Here you can listen to one of the singles  "Time"

-- Adrenaline Mob are pleased to announce their upcoming third studio album 'We The People' that will be released on June 2nd on Century Media records.