Temperance about to release first ever dvd in september

Temperance - Maschere A Night At The Theater
Release: 08-09-2017 

Temperance captured an outstanding performance in the picturesque setting of Teatro Sociale in Alba, Italy, a theatre show which marks an important milestone in their fast rising career, following the release of the critically acclaimed third album "The Earth Embraces Us All", a European tour with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and shows with the likes of Nightwish, Epica and many others, for over a total of 100 concerts in 3 years.

This is how guitarist Marco Pastorino commented: A live Dvd is a milestone for every band and we are releasing it pretty early on in our career, its like a dream come true. Since the moment we started this band we’ve always thought that writing songs that one day could be performed with a string quartet and a choir would be our goal. And here we are playing with these amazing musicians! We worked really hard to get here and we see this as a new starting point for the band. With this new release we also took the chance to present our new drummer Alfonso Mocerino (from the classic Italian Progressive band Il Balletto Di Bronzo) to our fans! His drumming on this Dvd is out of this world !


1. A Thousand Places
2. At The Edge Of Space
3.Unspoken Words
4. Empty Lines
5. Maschere
6. Haze
7. Fragments Of Life
8. Revolution / Drum solo
9. Advice From A Caterpillar
10. Change The Rhyme
11. The Restless Ride
12. Oblivion
13. Hero
14. Bass solo
15. Mr. White
16. Me Myself & I
17. Breathe
18. Save Me
19. Deja Vu

Debut album coming up from Kee of Hearts

Kee of Hearts - Kee of hearts
Release: 15-09-2017 

Frontiers is pleased to announce "Kee Of Hearts" another collaborative vision by Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino and overseen by the unstoppable Alessandro Del Vecchio !
Kee of Hearts is a new band project built around two true melodic rock superstars: Tommy Heart, singer of Fair Warning and Kee Marcello, former guitarist of Eur
ope !
With a line-up rounded out by Ken Sandin (ex-Alien) on bass and Italian drummer Marco Di Salvia (Pino Scotto), the guys started working on the album in late 2016. With their songwriting strongly focused on melodic rock songs, the album came to completion under the direction of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and covers a wide spectrum of styles with a lot of attention given to crafting great hooks deftly played by musicians that know how to deliver the goods.
Musically, the band operates in a territory defined by Scandinavian AOR meeting German melodic hard rock with influences from the classic U.S. AOR giants (think Giant, Journey, etc.).

You can watch the first song and video “A New Dimension” from the album here.


1. The Storm
2. A New Dimension
3. Crimson Dawn
4. Bridge To Heaven
5. Stranded
6. Mama Don’t Cry
7. Invincible
8. S.O.S.
9. Edge Of Paradise
10. Twist Of Fate
11. Learn To Love Again

Debut album Rock Alliance out now.

Rock Alliance - Rock alliance
Release: 02-07-2017 

Rock Alliance is the collaboration of musicians from all over the world that with this self-titled debut album present a classic rock album with blues influences, brilliant guitar ‘riffs, and great vocals, that all mixed to create a good nucleus of eight songs.
Rock Alliance was put together by songwriter/musician Steward Sutherland , founding member and bass player for the band Black Stone.
For fans of Journey,Boston,Aerosmith,Skid Row......

The album is released through Perris records !

Watch the video for "Radio" here.


01. Rock and Roll Resurrection
02. Bad News Travels Fast
03. 3 Men 3 Horses
04. Radio
05. Kick
06. Not on Me
07. Bring the Fight
08. Everything She Wants

Brazilian metal band Shadowside new album out in July.

Shadowside - Shades of humanity
Release: 26-07-2017 

Shadowside new album "Shades of Humanity" will be released in Japan on July 26th via Spiritual Beast, in North America/Europe on July 28th via EMP Label Group, owned by Megadeth's bassist Dave Ellefson, and in Brazil on September 4th via Furia Music Records.

"Shades of Humanity" explores deep subjects such as depression, abortion, the Mariana dam disaster in Brazil and mankind`s moral values, branching out in musical ways nobody expected while still keeping their heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies. 


Watch the teaser of the new music video "Alive" here.


1. The Fall
2. Beast Inside
3. What If
4. Make My Fate
5. Insidious Me
6. The Crossing
7. Stream of Shame
8. Parade the Sacrifice
9. Drifter
10. Unreality
11. Alive
12. Haunted (Japanese bonus track)

New album 7th Heaven out now.

7th Heaven - Luminous
Release: 21-06-2017

7th heaven is a Pop Rock band from the Chicagoland area. 7th heaven started in 1985 and is one of the biggest and busiest indie bands in the world. Having released over 800 original songs, 7th heaven is a band you must check out. 

They are now back with their 11th album "Luminous" out on NTD records.

At the same time they also released pop medley 4 , a mix of some of the greatest hits by well known artists !!  Songs like; We Will Rock You (Queen),Keep On Loving You (REO speedwagon),Africa (Toto),Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship,9 to 5 (Dolly Parton),Forever Young (Rod Steward) and many more..........



01 Home - (Hofherr/Heisler)
02 Beautiful Life - (Heisler/Hofherr)
03 Midwest Girls in the Summertime - (Heisler/Hofherr)
04 Always - (Hofherr/Heisler)
05 If You Change Your Mind - (Hofherr/Heisler)
06 Contact - (Hofherr/Heisler)
07 Forget About Me - (Heisler)
08 Eyes Wide Open - (Heisler)
09 So Wonderful - (Hofherr/Heisler)
10 S.O.S. - (Heisler)

Debut album coming up from "Diamante"

Diamante - Coming in hot 
Release: 2017

Enter Diamante. With iridescent sapphire hair, a show-stopping voice, runway-ready fashion swagger, and an empowering message, the Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American sonic heroine brings a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music. Serendipitously, her name might as well have pre-destined a future in the spotlight…
This unique and undeniable approach caught the attention of Eleven Seven Music Group and Better Noise Records who signed her in 2015. Amassing a bevy of ideas, she hit the studio with super producer Howard Benson `{`My Chemical Romance, Chris Cornell, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson`}` to record what would become her full-length debut, Coming In Hot. “Diamante is the only true heir to the female rock throne that has been vacant since Joan Jett’s heyday,” says Howard Benson.
Her single “Coming In Hot”—out June 16th 2017—seesaws between an arena-filling chant and a robust and raucous riff. At the center, she confidently serves up the knockout refrain, “Whether you’re ready or not, I’m coming in hot!”

Rock ‘n’ roll has never sounded, looked, or felt like Diamante on Coming In Hot.

Watch the video for "Coming in hot" here.


Short news.

-- Tragul is a new melodic metal band fronted by Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) created at the end of 2016 by Adrian Benegas, keyboardist and composer of the band Pergana. They just released the first track from the upcoming album.
Watch the video here: Tragul - Bennu (official lyric video) 

-- Melodic rockers "Station" have a brand new single out "All you need is a heartbeat" , you can listen to it on I-tunes !

-- Serious Black is working under high pressure on their third studio album "Magic", which will be released at the end of August 2017. After that they start with the "Magic" european tour !

-- Def Leppard Announce Expanded 30th Anniversary ‘Hysteria’ Reissue. Def Leppard‘s smash hit Hysteria LP is getting bulked up for its 30th anniversary. This will be in stores august 4th in a variety of configurations offering everything from a single-disc remaster to a seven-disc box stuffed with bonus material.  Pre-orders are available on Amazon ! 

-- Frontline has reformed with the original line up with plans for a new album in 2018 !!

-- Revolution Saints are in the studio in Italy with the recording of their highly anticipated second record with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, who also produced the debut album.

-- Canadian melodic rock band "Total Stranger" classic debut album (1997) will be re-issued by Lions Pride music next year !  "Total Stranger" will be released in a limited 500 Cd press and digital in 2018. More info here asap !

-- New album by Boulevard on the way !! Canadian Aor band Boulevard strike back 27 years later with a new album that's soon to be released. After 21 months of recordings in Abbey Road in London and Almacen in Vancouver the final mix it’s almost ready !!

-- UK melodic rock band Blood Red Saints are also in final stages of completing their new album. More details about release date , cover , tracklist soon !

New melodic rock band "Rian" debut album out in july.

Rian - Out of the darkness
Release: 22-07-2017 

Rian is a melodic hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden.
The guys have spent the last year working on their debut album ‘Out Of The Darkness’ with producer Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye, Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet). Frontman Richard Andermyr was a fan of Daniel’s work and wanted to see if he could imagine mixing their recordings. After listening to the demos, he instantly understood the potential and said that he was ready to not only to mix, but also to produce and record their album.
The result is ‘Out Of The Darkness’, a powerful, melodic hard rock record that is filled with hooks, harmonies and a gritty edge that gives them an original sound.
Their influences are many, including Bon Jovi, Chicago, Dokken, FM, Gary Moore, Giant, Journey, Metallica, Skid Row, Toto, Van Halen, Warrant, Whitesnake and Winger.
Richard Andermyr discovered his songwriting skills in the late 90s. In 2000 he moved to the USA for studies and teamed up with metal band Black Prizm. Back in Sweden Richard formed the hard rock band Whisperwave, who reached the finals in the Emergenza Festival 2 years in a row and were invited by Europe’s Ian Haugland to play live on the Swedish radio station “Rockklassiker” The guys rehearsed and recorded demos in Richard’s basement; in the beginning of 2016 they started to see a strong album forming. They were right.

Rian’s powerful debut album will be released worldwide on July 22nd via Melodic rock records. Pre-orders are available via Melodicrock.com

The video for Rian’s title track ‘Out Of The Darkness’ can be watched here. 

Brazilian heavy metal band "Dancing Flame" announce new album

Dancing Flame - ?
Release: 2017 

Over their 15 years career, the Brazilian hard rock band, Dancing Flame has demonstrated talent and diversity in their hard rock and heavy metal compositions, beginning with their first demo recordings, “Strike a Blow” (1995) and “Red Moon” (1998).Their first album, “Dancing Flame” (2009) received excellent reviews from newspapers, international radio stations, specialized magazines and websites. In 2014, the band returns with the release of their second album, titled “Carnival of Flames”, mastered at Sterling Sound Studios (NY/USA), which features Mark Boals (ex-singer of Yngwie Malmsteen band, and now Ring of Fire), and DC Cooper (lead singer of Royal Hunt).
The band also participated in the tribute "Flight Without Back", dedicated to Brazilian band Harppia released in 2015 by the Portuguese label Metal Soldiers, and had the opportunity to record the band’s classic: "Salém Cidade das Bruxas". The version was highly praised in the metallic scene !
Now the band is in the pre-production process of the new album, working on 12 songs remaining faithful to their Hard & Heavy sound.

The new album is forecast for release in late 2017. More info here asap !

Website band !


U.S. symphonic cinematic metal band AfterTime have new single out.

AfterTime - World we've lost
Release: 20-01-2017 

Here's an interesting band I discovered ! "AfterTime" from Rochester (MN) USA.
AfterTime emerges onto the Symphonic Metal scene. Described as “Nightwish up and coming,” they have adopted the playing style of their European counterparts. 
With an emphasis on storytelling, AfterTime incorporates cinematic orchestra and memorable melodies to produce a class of metal that appeals to a diverse audience. 
Formed in the last days of 2011 by Brad Sturgis and Chris Radke, AfterTime began composing the songs that would later be released on their debut EP “The Fall of Light.” 
The Fall of Light was released on April 15th, 2016. AfterTime received genuine praise for their debut release and sales reached as far as The United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil. Moving toward their sophomore release, AfterTime has had the opportunity to work with notable figures as Lukas Knoebl, Jacob Hansen and Gogo Melone. 
Now the band has recorded, and produced their upcoming single “World We’ve Lost” all while making various appearances on stage.
With the goal of being an American delegate for a predominantly European genre, AfterTime looks forward to the opportunities that allow represent the Symphonic Metal genre. Sure a band to watch in the future !

On their website you can register for 3 free songs of the band !


01. World we've lost              You tube
02. Forge your destiny
03. Reflection
04. Masquerade (Through the facade)             You tube


Italian heavy metal band Burning Ground debut album coming up.

Burning Ground - Last day of light
Release: 14-07-2017 

Burning Ground is an Heavy Metal band from Sardinia (Italy) active since 2002.
Their influences are clear–classic heavy metal , U.S. power metal and trhrash, with some epic and prog moments thrown in for good measure.
Burning Ground's musical background includes many underground live shows in Sardinia, like the annual edition of "Metal Xmas”.
Today's line-up includes: Maurizio Meloni as vocalist and lyricist, Alessio Melis as bass player,
Angelo Melis as drummer, Andrea Alvito as lead guitarist.
All music compositions and arrangements are by Angelo, Alessio and Burning Ground.
The band now finaly releases their debut album on july 14th through Minotauro records.

You can have a listen to the band on their soundcloud page !


1 Dark Age
2 The Killing Hand
3 Darkened Desire
4 Facing The Shame
5 Before I See
6 The Burning Ground
7 Last Day Of Light
8 Dawn Of Hope

classic AOR band Da Vinci return after 25 years with new album

Da Vinci - I've come all this way
Release: 25-08-2017 

With the release of “Ambition Rocks", their first album in 25 years, and with a new lineup, AOR & Classic Rock band Da Vinci returns with brand new songs.
The group was formed in Norway back in 1986, and after a short round with demos, the band got a record deal with Polygram Norway and released their debut album the following year.
Looking back on the Norwegian melodic rock of the 80’s, one of the bands to leave a major impression were undoubtedly Oslo’s Da Vinci. Enjoying as much radio play and charting nationally in the same league as Return, Stage Dolls and TNT, Da Vinci released two albums, Da Vinci and ”Back in the Business” and a single in 91 “Ain't No Goodbyes/ Blame it on the radio”.
Their greatest hits were “Forever in My Heart” and “Tarquinia” from the first album; and “Call Me a Liar” and “9&10” from “Back in Business”. DaVinci was touring constantly from late 86 to 92 and did over 600 performances in Norway. They also played as support for Status Quo on their Christmas Remedy tour in 1989 in Great Britain together with Ole Evenrude. The last concerts were two gigs at Wembley Arena. They split up in 93, but Selboskar, Westlie and Aass continued to write songs together for a few years. Some of these demo songs were illegally released in Europe.

"I've Come All This Way" is the first single of Da Vinci's new album "Ambition Rocks" which will be released through AOR Heaven records on august 25th ! 
Watch the video here. 


01. The return
02. Vicious circle
03. Curious sensation
04. I've come all this way
05. See U when I see U
06. Rocket of fame
07. Angel
08. Storm in the horizon
09. little lonely
10. Sole survivor
11. Painted lady
12. You're mine
13. Touch of humanity