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Iconic Eye announce release of new album in november.

Iconic Eye - Into the light
Release: 04-11-2017 

Iconic Eye release their second album, 'Into the Light', this album is a transitional album to take fans along from the first male orientated album to the new female fronted format.

The new songs feature the new lineup and consists 11 tracks with 5 re-recordings of songs from the first album plus 6 brand new songs.

Pre-orders for the new album are available here.

The song order is yet to be finalised but the songs to be featured are:

Am I the one
You make it
Those tears won't last
Let it rain down
Black Country Lady
Better place
Black heart
All she needed
Thanks for the memories
Don't stop me from leaving
Never get through the night.

Short news

-- The new album of Santa Cruz should be unleashed to the world during September-October !  The single "River Phoenix" was released in May digitally. 

-- British progressive icons Threshold announce their new album "Legends Of The Shires" to be released september 8th via Nuclear Blast & unveil artwork.
Listen to epic first single "Lost In Translation" 

-- UK rock band "The Darker My Horizon" have finished the recordings for their upcoming new album "Seize the day" coming later this year. So they started now with the post-production and mixing for this album. The already revealed the artwork on their facebook page !

-- Almanac will be back with a new album "Kingslayer" on november 3rd via Nuclear Blast !!  The cover artwork was once again created by Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák.

-- Sweden's new melodic rock band "Code Red" will release their debut album in october through AOR Heaven records.Hang on for this one as Ulrick Lönnqvist has teamed up with some of his past band members and songwriters Morgan Jensen, Kaspar Dahlqvist along with some young bloods Michael Palace and Oscar Bromvall to deliver a brand new melodic rock gem produced by Daniel Flores.

-- New band "The Brink" (U.K.) are recording their debut album at Strong Room studios !!
Influenced by great bands of both past and present, The Brink boys bring new life and energy to the table of today’s current Rock scene.
They are producing a vibrant, new, 20th Century form of balls-to-the-wall Rock N’ Roll !


Amberian Dawn back with new album in november.

Amberian Dawn - Darkness of eternity
Release: 10-11-2017 

Tuomas Seppälä already unveils: "Darkness of Eternity” is one of the most emotional album so far. It’s got some really bombastic songs in mood of dark & symphonic melodic metal and in contrast to that also some really poppy songs too. For me it’s really hard to stick in one genre only and I constantly want to compose different kinds of songs !
The “Magic Forest” story continues and Tuomas explains:
“The song ”Symphony Nr.1. Part 1 – The Witchcraft” told the story on the last record “Innuendo” before the time of “Magic Forest”. The little girl is a healer and village elders buried her alive in a coffin.
The track ”Symphony Nr.1. Part 2 – Darkness of Eternity” on our upcoming record “Darkness of Eternity” tells the story of the girl lying in the coffin trying to get out. Darkness is asking her to dance the waltz of eternity.
The story will continue in Part 3 and we will tell you how she became the Magic Forest’s evil witch!”
It’s easy for me to say that this album is without any doubt the best sounding album ever !! It’s a kind of monument for me and it introduces the many sides of me as composer. I still feel very lucky that I’ve got Capri on this band because she’s probably the only singer capable singing all of those different styles with superior sound & feeling.

The album will be available as  as 4-page Digipak (10 Tracks + 1 Bonus Track) on November 10th via Napalm records.


1 I’m The One
2 Sky Is Falling
3 Dragonflies
4 Maybe
5 Golden Coins
6 Luna My Darling
7 Abyss
8 Ghostwoman
9 Breathe Again
10 Symphony Nr. 1, part 2 – Darkness Of Eternity
11 Anyone (Bonus Track)

Brazilian AOR band "Adellaide" new album coming in october.

Adellaide - Flying high
Release: october 2017 

Adellaide, Band formed in 2016 with the proposal to make Melodic Rock with AOR, inspired by names like: Journey, Survivor, Kansas, Asia, mixing with a current sonority, like Lionville, Care of Night, Shy, Sonic Station, Wild Rose .
The band recorded an eponymous EP on the IMF (Instituto Musical Falaschi) with the production of Tito Falaschi, brother of Edu Falaschi, former vocalist of "Angra". The EP contains three tracks: "Save your love", "Heroes" with the participation in vocal duets of Joey Summer and Rodrigo Marenna and "Edge of Fellings", all the backing vocals are by Tito Falaschi. 

The European label Lions Pride Music now signed with the band for the release of their full album "Flying High" in October of 2107, in physical media and digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc,
With the same professionals involved in the recording, musical production and Cover of the previous work.

You can watch a sampler of the album here.

Midnight Sin from Sweden announce new album in september

Midnight Sin - One last ride
Release: 13-10-2017 

Midnight Sin brings back the sound of Street Rock with powerful and catchy songs, shocking lyrics, mind blowing choruses and a sexy attitude that brings back the energy and hedonism of what was called Hair Metal. The band released their debut album ‘Sex First’ back in 2014, followed by the EP ‘Never Say Never’ in 2016, and they are now ready to release their new album ‘One Last Ride’, which has been described as the perfect combination of 80’s Sleaze Rock, modern Hard Rock and AOR.
These 10 new tracks definitely leave a mark, being at the same time very energetic and sensual, catchy and loud: the perfect soundtrack for certain duties which are usually performed at night…

"One Last Ride" will be released on october 13th, 2017 via Scarlet records !



1. Day Zero
2. Loaded Gun
3. Land Of The Freak
4. Game Over Fame
5. Send Me A Light
6. Never Say Never
7. The Maze
8. Plan B
9. Not Today
10. Born This Way

Sweden's heavy metal band "Air Raid" new album out september

Air Raid - Across the line
Release: 29-09-2017 

AIR RAID is a Heavy Metal act from Gothenburg, Sweden. They were originally formed in 2009 by guitarists Andreas Johansson & Johan Karlsson. After releasing the EP "Danger Ahead" & the Full-length album "Night Of The Axe" with former singer Michalis Rinakakis, Air Raid appeared at the Keep It True-Festival in Germany, early 2013. This was followed by two smaller tours and festival gigs around Europe.
In the middle of all success, the personal differences between the band and Michalis had gotten too severe. As a result, Air Raid decided to part ways with him.
Shortly after they already brought in new vocalist Arthur W Andersson in July 2013 !
In late 2014 the new album "Point Of Impact" was released, followed by a 10-gig tour in Europe.
The band is now about to release their new album entitled "Across The Line" on september 29th via High roller records 

Watch the video of "Northern Light" here:


1. Hold The Flame
2. Line Of Danger 
3. Aiming For The Sky
4. Cold As Ice
5. Entering The Zone Zero
6. Hell And Back
7. Northern Light
8. Raid Or Die
9. Black Dawn

New Stan Bush album coming in september

Stan Bush - Change the world
Release: 20-09-2017 

Legendary AOR singer/songwriter and melodic rock icon Stan Bush to release his 13th studio album "Change The World" on September 22nd via L.A. Records/Cargo Records worldwide.

World-class rock singer, Stan Bush is best known for his song “The Touch” featured in “Transformers: The Movie”. An anthem for Transformers fans around the world, “The Touch” was also featured in the movie “Boogie Nights”, on Chuck (NBC), and American Dad (Fox), The Goldbergs (ABC), Guitar Hero, and the Saints Row IV game. Stan Bush was inducted into theTransfomers Hall of Fame in 2014.

In 1997 Stan Bush won an Emmy Award for Best Original Song, "Til I Was Loved By You". Another of his songs "Capture the Dream" was featured in the 1996 Olympics. His tracks were used in two Jean-Claude Van Damme films: "Kickboxer", a major film sequel to the action adventure film, "Bloodsport." Stan Bush has written with many top songwriters like Jonathan Cain (Journey), Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams; Aerosmith), and Paul Stanley of Kiss. Stan Bush has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.
The “Change the World” album also includes “Warrior”, featured in the Shadow Warrior 2 game


1. Change The World
2. Warrior
3. Born To Win
4. Never Surrender
5. The Story of Love
6. Live Your Dream
7. Break These Chains
8. The Other Side of Love
9. Dare
10. The Touch
11. The Secret

Christian metal opera "Enzo and the Glory Ensemble" announce 2nd album

Enzo And The Glory Ensemble - In the name of the son
Release: 29-09-2017 

Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the signing of the Christian metal opera "Enzo and the Glory Ensemble"
"In The Name Of The Son" is the 2nd album of Enzo Donnarumma's project and confirms the stellar line-up "The Glory Ensemble" of the first record, including Marty Friedman, Kobi Farhi(Orphaned Land), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord, Graham Bonnet Band), Gary Wehrkamp & Brian Ashland(Shadow Gallery), David Brown (Metatrone) and many more.
Enzo Donnarumma is originally from Naples. Due to the loss of his parents, he moved to maternal uncles, where he started studying piano and guitar. His musical growth is already influenced by extensive experience of listening to Blues, Soul, Gospel, Progressive and Psychedelic, Hard and Heavy, Classical, Soundtrack, Folk and New Age music.
The new concept “In the Name of the Son” delivers a gospel metal sound thanks to the "Weza Moza Gospel Choir" from Congo, and follows up the critically acclaimed "In The Name of The Father" by pursuing the "sign of the cross" chronology.
"In the Name of the Son", produced by Enzo Donnarumma and Gary Wehrkamp, mastered by Simone Mularoni with the addition of the impressive cover art by Nello Dell'Omo (Art for Music), is set to be released in Europe on September 29th via Rockshots Records on all the major record and digital stores and will mark another important milestone in the band's career.

New Hampshire metal outfit Vattnet release new album in september

Vattnet - Vattnet
Release: 15-09-2017 

New Hampshire metal outfit Vattnet Viskar are back — but not as you remember them. 
Consider Nick Thornbury, the band’s co-founder and former frontman, the catalyst. Following Vattnet Viskar's tour behind Settler, 2015's excellent Century Media debut, Thornbury parted ways with the group, leaving the remaining members — guitarist Chris Alfieri, bassist Casey Aylward and drummer Seamus Menihane — at a creative crossroads. Nevertheless, the trio soldiered on under a shortened name, Vattnet, with Aylward as their new frontman.
Vattnet emerged from that experience with the skeletal compositions that would eventually comprise their new self-titled LP, which is scheduled for release on September 15 via New Damage. The eight tracks on Vattnet are a significant departure from Settler’s highly technical black metal, and by extension, Vattnet’s musical M.O. writ large. Where their sound was once dominated by tremolo picking and blast beats, Vattnet leans on clean vocals and prog-inflected fretwork à la Isis.
Vattnet are showcasing their heavy hypnotic sound today by way of a mesmerizing visual for “Spun” 
Watch the video here.


01. Spun
02. Dark Black
03. Sugar
04. Better Ghost
05. Sister
06. Chains
07. Time Will Prove Everything
08. Funeral

Brazilian rockers Hot Foxxy new album out soon

Hot Foxxy - Burning bridges
Release: 2017 

With songs composed between 2015 and 2016, the first full-length Hot Foxxy was recorded and mastered at Funds House Studio in Curitiba, and produced by Alysson Irala, renowned guitarist and composer from Curitiba (Sad Theory, Motorbastards, Shadow Maze , etc). The work is called 'Burning Bridges'.
"The idea came from the homonymous song, which talks about leaving the past behind and having the courage to face the new paths that are revealed ahead of us after great losses or drastic changes in direction." - says Marco Lacerda, vocalist, about the title Chosen for the album.
'Burning Bridges' is the successor to the 'Tattooed Girl in Black' EP, released by the group in 2015, and shows the band's musical maturity as well as greater care with all the details of the album.
"The recording and production were sensational, we take care of all the details in detail to deliver the best to the public and with an international level." - comments guitarrist Ederson Erig.
Following a musical line influenced by the Hard Rock, the tracks have different themes that tell stories lived by the members and or make reference to outstanding people that crossed the trajectory of these. An example is 'Redhead Rocker', opening track of the album and also music from the band's first official video clip.
By listening to the album people will feel the energy of our Hard Rock that is made from the heart. "- Concludes Daniel Schultz, drummer.


1. Redhead Rocker
2. Clear Moon
3. Burning Bridges
4. Wrong Love
5. Getting Over You
6. I Don’t Mind If It Won’t Last Forever (I Want You Tonight)
7. Tattooed Girl In Black
8. Born To Be a Rockstar
9. Getting Over You (acoustic version feat Gabi Nickel)
10. Redhead Rocker (piano version)

UK melodic rockers Newman coming up with new album in september

Newman - Aerial
Release: 22-09-2017 

In 1997 Singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman and since 1998 has been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics and released 10 studio albums and one best of compilation up to today. The previous release, "The Elegance Machine", was released  in 2015 and the band returned to the road with shows in Europe and their first UK headline tour. 
Steve Newman continued to write throughout 2016, songs, of which some have featured on various artists releases, and some which are still to come. It was within this writing process that Newman started to piece together the ideas which would become his latest release, and 11th studio album.
"Aerial" now  features 12 tracks that return to the huge chorus's, maintaining the high quality production values that have been prevalent  over the last albums. But this record, above all, is all about the songs, you could say it's an unashamed AOR/Melodic Rock record and follows that rule across all 12 songs to give the listener a very consistent album. Once again Steve Newman has teamed up with Rob McEwen (drummer for the last nine albums), the album also features long time friend Mark Thompson-Smith lending his vocals to "Fear Of Flying" and " Two Sides". Finally the mastering was taken care of by none other than Harry Hess at H Bomb Mastering.
01. Fear Of Flying
02. Don't Wake The Lion 
03. Can't Stop Loving You 
04. Life To Remember
05. High Tonight (Aerial)
06. Vertigo (Leap Of Faith) 
07. Two Sides
08. I Am Your Man
09. Always Strangers 
10. Nothing Left 
11. Still Bleeding 
12. You Don't Know Me

New album coming up from Martina Edoff in september

Martina Edoff - We will align
Release: 22-09-2017 

The self-titled Martina Edoff album was released in 2014, and nearly a year later, the second record called “Unity” took her and her band on a successful North American tour in September 2015. 
She soon went to Argentina and performed for 6000 new fans as an opening act for Tarja Turunen. The tour went on to share the stage with The Winery Dogs on their European tour in early 2016. The UK audience welcomed her the same year for a mini tour and she later returned to the Rockingham Festival to perform.
Now she's back with the third record “We Will Align” which will be released on AOR Heaven on September 22. 
Amongst the already acquired fans is the respected English rock journalist Dave Ling, who discovered Martina Edoff's eponymous titled solo debut, celebrated her with a full page article in Classic Rock AOR Magazine and put her album on his playlist, describing it as ”Stirring, confident melodies from an unashamed Swedish rock chick!” The great reviews kept on coming in from all over the world. 
Together with her former co-producer and co-writer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), Martina decided to work with him on the third album.

“We Will Align” is a melodic hard rock album with a bluesy note along with powerful pieces and it goes back to the roots where Edoff has got her influences. The strong melodies are always there such as her powerful voice.
1. Turn our pages
2. Champions
3. Alive
4. We will align 
5. Lay down your arms 
6. Face the mirror
7. Set you free
8. I’m invincible 
9. Truth came knocking
10. Brand new world

Ethnic metal band Hamka from france release new album in august.

Hamka - Multiversal
Release: august 2017 

Hamka is a French Ethnic Metal band. Their songs are based on legends from ancient mystic civilisations.
In 2003, Elisa C.Martin and Willdric Lievin left the band Fairyland due to different musical orientation. For many years, Willdric was dreaming about making a concept album based on ethnical legends and mythology. It was the right time to make it, even if the project was ambitious. He immediately met Yann Mouhad, one of the best french guitar players,
and they started composing for Hamka's first EP in 2005 "Exodus".
Ideas were flowing, and the band decided to follow on the same path by composing an entire album, which ultimately became "Unearth" (2006), a perfect mix of melodic metal, epic and ethnical instruments.
A few years have passed, filled with different projects, jobs and family matters, but 2013 sees the rebirth of Hamka with the arrival of two new members : Sylvain Cohen on guitar and JB Pol on drums.


Now the band is back with their second album "Multiversal" to be released in august 2017.


1 - One-way journey to the unknown
2 - World war III
3 - Earth's call
4 - Hope
5 - Inner conviction
6 - Dark night falls
7 - Seaquest
8 - Modern cowboys
9 - Burning sands
10 - The path of pharaohs
11 - Orkania's land
12 - Seed of a new world
13 - Multiversal universe
14 - New era ?