Ana charity for cancer !

Support this amazing project please !!

Info:  This charity project founded by Marius Danielsen and Anniken Rasmussen, put together with an impressive all star lineup they will raise money for cancer research.All money raised from the "Ana" single will be donated to the Norwegian Cancer Society. They do a fantastic job by funding cancer research! I just received their logo which says "We support the Norwegian Cancer Society". We have been allowed to use their logo on the artwork of this release!

From the Norwegian Cancer Society web site:
"Funding research is our main priority. Research implies hope for a cure for cancer in the future. It also implies optimal and quality cancer treatment for patients through excellent cancer research in Norway.
The album will hold another great all-star song (DIO’s “Holy Diver”) and seven more songs from bands who were happy to donate a song for this great cause. 

Watch the video from the charity project: "Holy Diver"  here !!

the song "Ana"  here !!


01. Ana
02. Holy Diver
03. Domineer
04. Lost in a Dream
05. A Void to Avoid
06. Brand New Fire
07. Rebellion
08. Monster
09. Angus McFife

You can buy the album here !

Debut album coming up from Italien AOR band Freight Train in july.

Freight Train - I
Release: 14-07-2017 

Freight Train is a young and rising AOR/Melodic Hard Rock band from Italy, formed in 2015.
In the same year the band released the first videoclip: a cover version of the song
“Any Way You Want It” (Journey). 
getting them noticed by Aor’s fans on Youtube and giving an unexpected exposure.
After some years touring the north and center of Italy, at the beginning of 2017 the band starts to record the debut album.
This will now be released worldwide on 14th July 2017 via Rockshots Records.

The album is called ”I” and offers a classic AOR sound revisited in a fresh and modern way, thanks to the massive use of choirs,
celestial keyboards, stunning guitars and bass works, solid drums and multi-versatile vocals.
For fans of: Journey, Europe, Whitesnake !!

The band just released their new video clip for the song "You won't fall" !


1. The beginning
2. You won't fall
3. Into the fire
4. Another chance
5. Here I am
6. Somewhere, Someday
7. The Prelude
8. Reach for the stars
9. Any Way You Want It (Journey Cover)
10. Into the fire (Acoustic Version )

Website band.

Norway's melodic rock band Hush new album out now.

Hush - Department of faith
Release: 29-05-2017 

Hush is a melodic rock / AOR band from Norway !

The band made a stir within the melodic rock community with the release of the debut "If You Smile" back in 1998.
The album sold well in Europe (AOR Heaven) and Japan (JVC/Victor) and was filled with catchy arena rock anthems.
The sophomore cd, simply entitled "II", emerged in 2001 on Now & Then (UK) and the Italian label Frontiers Records.
It was a natural step further for Hush, yet without moving away from the style from the debut. Both records were very well received all over the world.
The third release, 'Mirage' (2006) (Raido Music) won over new fans with a different, heavier and darker approach. Now they are back with a classic rock album called "Department of faith" that was released on may 29th !!

The album will have worldwide distribution via Lions Pride Music Denmark.

You can see a promo video for the new album here !

Track listing:

1: I don’t wanna
2: Black ice
3: She will be the one
4: Hold on
5: Crazy
6: Mirrors
7: Signs
8: Last man standing
9: Everything
10: This is it
11: This time (Bonus)



new album coming up from Degreed in august.

Degreed - Degreed 
Release: 25-08-2017 


New "Degreed" album will be released on august 25th through Gain/sony music !
Degreed is a modern melodic rockband that surprises with each and every release. The new album will be a feel-good, up-tempo, super catchy and in-your-face record that can easily put Degreed among the elite of this scene !



01. Sugar
02. Shakedown
03. Save Me
04. Tomorrow
05. Animal
06. If Love Is A Game
07. Evil Eye
08. WAR!
09. Lay Me Down
10. Nature Of The Beast
11. Silence

Unreleased recordings by Bugzy finally on Divebomb records.

Bugzy - Pan B 

Who is Bugzy, you may ask , well probably one of the best AOR band you’ve never heard of. The roots of Bugzy date back to late 1983 but by 1988 William "Bugsy" Boyer, Franki Gorgo and Bob Kimmel had officially joined forces and fleshed out a lineup to begin performing live, Bugzy - being the simple result of needing a name for their first gig.
Within a year, a short-lived production deal with producer Tony Bongiovi led the group to record a few tracks in New York City's historic Power Station studio; and in 1990, a production / management deal with L.A. record producer John Ryan (Stan Bush, Styx) resulted in three years of nonstop work on new material with an assortment of session musicians. Into the mid-'90s, with the help of hit record producer Chris Lord-Alge (21 Guns, Damn Yankees), Bugzy was courted by no less than three major labels — RCA, Polygram, and EMI — but the trio's decade of hard work would shockingly fail to yield the release of one single piece of music... until now !
Now more than 20 years later, all these material finally see the light of day, 17 tracks of spectacularly catchy AOR / melodic rock culled from the band's extensive personal archives, and graciously rescued from permanent obscurity.
Sure to delight die-hard fans of the genre, I can hear influences from Bad English in the awesome midtempo 'Say A Prayer' some Giant on 'Young At Heart', Survivor on 'Piece Of The Puzzle', Night ranger in 'The Bigger The Heart',.........
The audio quality is amazing here ! Why was this material remained unreleased for so long...
Bugzy's "Plan B" is a Must Have for all 80's AOR / Melodic Rock fans and collectors.
Limited edition Cd, only 500 units pressed worldwide.

You can order the album through AOR Heaven shop !!


01 - One Man    (watch video clip here)
02 - Say A Prayer
03 - A Glimpse Of Paradise
04 - Your Love Leaves Me Cold
05 - Young At Heart
06 - Lies
07 - Don't Ever Let Go
08 - Piece Of The Puzzle
09 - The Bigger The Heart
10 - Angel
11 - A Million Miles Away
12 - I Can't Let Go
13 - Eyes Of Steel
14 - Shadow From The Light
15 - Easy Way Out
16 - Just Say Goodbye
17 - Secrets

Seven hard years (7HY) 3rd album coming this august.

7HY - For the record 
Release: 31-08-2017 

International hard rockers Seven Hard Years are excited to announce their forthcoming third album entitled "For The Record"
Led by ex-Shy drummer Alan Kelly, Seven Hard Years (7HY, if you like) released "Stories We Tell" on Lion's Pride music in 2016 and "No Place In Heaven" via Lynchburg Music Group in 2014. "For The Record" once again features the songwriting and multi-instrumental prowess of Kelly, with lead vocals by Shawn Pelata, lead guitar by Danny Beardsley, as well as additional musical collaboration from Andrew Chick. Chick also mixed and mastered the album.

"For The Record" will be released through Lion's Pride Music on August 31 th2017 and will be available worldwide.

Short news !

-- Kee of Hearts: Frontiers Music is pleased to announce the signing of Kee of Hearts,
a new band project built around two true melodic rock superstars: Tommy Heart, singer of Fair Warning
and Kee Marcello, former Europe guitarist. Musically, the band operates in a territory defined by Scandinavian AOR
meeting German melodic hard rock with influences from the classic U.S. AOR giants (think Giant, Journey, etc.).
The album is planned for release in the late summer.

-- Rian: MelodicRock Records is once again tapping into the magic that is Sweden’s reservoir of talent
to bring you a monster debut album from one of the country’s best young bands.Rian’s powerful debut album will be released worldwide on July 22th via MRR.
You can watch a teaser video of the debut here:

-- Melodic rockers Reach now as a power trio are almost done with their brand new album.
The album has just been just recorded and mixed. The album has been produced by Jona Tee (H.E.A.T) and is due for release in 2017.

More Frontiers news !!
-- Frontiers Music is pleased to announce the signing of one of the most exciting AOR newcomers to the scene "Creye" Hailing from Sweden ! The band recently released a debut EP which shows enormous potential and immediately sparked interest from Frontiers. More about release date and info asap !!
-- Also on Frontiers: Kryptonite !!! A new melodic rock band with Jakob Samuel from The Poodles , Pontus Egberg fromTreat , Robban Back of Mustasch & Mike Palace ofcaurse of Palace !!
This band will truly set a standard for what fans perceive as melodic hard rock in today’s climate. Album will be released august 4th. videoclip "Chasing fire" here
-- Frontiers Music also announce the signing of "THE BRINK" for a multi-album worldwide deal.
Check out music videos for "One Night Only" and "Never Again" here: 
-- And Frontiers Music is pleased to announce the release of "The Nights" self-titled debut album on August 4th.
The debut single "Welcome to the Show” can be watched here:

-- Gothic / alternative rock band Nemesea from the Netherlands announce their new lead singer "Mieloo Sanne" and with that their new video "Dance in the fire"

Limited release of "Snow" announced for release july 21th.

Snow - At last 
Release: 21-07-'17 

"Snow – At Last"….. Limited edition with first pressing only will include a full length live CD recorded in LA at the Starwood back in May 1981! with complete liner note written by Dave Reynolds. The Live CD was Mixed by Duane Barron (Ozzy Osborne, Quite Riot, Dream Theatre, Cinderella, Alice Cooper)
Snow was originally comprised of Carlos Cavazo, Tony Cavazo, Stephen Quadros and Doug Ellison on lead vocals, where in the late 1970s-early 1980s the group performed regularly at The Whiskey A Go Go, The Starwood, The Troubadour, Golden West Ballroom, The Cuckoos Nest, Pookies and The Woodsound, along with headline shows at The Santa Monica Civic and The Pasadena Civic. The group released a self-titled 5-song EP in 1980 that included popular SNOW songs "Crack The Whip" and "No Way To Treat A Lady". Snow's music received radio airplay on KROQ and KLOS. The original Snow EP has become somewhat of a collectors item.

SNOW has now inked a deal with Escape Music, and the band's historic "Snow: At Last" album will be released july 21th.


CD 1 (Studio):
1. We're Gonna Make It 4:06
2. Oh, Baby  3:30
3. Steal A Kiss  4:34
4. Mannequin Eyes  3:57
5. Stop The Music  5:01
6. Trying To Survive  3:25
7. Fever  3:56
8. Crack The Whip  3:42
9. No Way To Treat A Lady  3:37
10. Hell No  4:32
11. Don't Want Anymore  4:26
12. Bad Generation  4:04
CD 2 (Live):
1. Fire  4:43
2. Shame On You  4:00
3. No Way To Treat A Lady  3:54
4. I Really Don't Care  3:25
5. Throw Me A Line  4:34
6. Makes Me Cry  3:42
7. Break Your Neck  6:25
8. Don't Want Anymore  4:26
9. Full Auto (Drum Solo)  4:11
10. Crack The Whip  4:39
11. White Noize (Guitar Solo) 2:59
12. No More Booze  7:12


Melodicrock records announce release of Don Barnes "Lost album"

Don Barnes - Ride the storm
Release: 30-06-2017 

MelodicRock Records is thrilled to announce one of the biggest releases for the label thus far ! How else could you describe an album featuring Dann Huff, Alan Pasqua, Jeff & Mike Porcaro, Jesse Harms and Denny Carmassi ?

MRR will be the label finally able to extract one of the best “lost” albums of all time for an official release. Plenty have tried over the years, but timing is everything!
Nearly 30 years ago, what would have been an instant classic was relegated to storage thanks to the old story of record label machinations. 
Of course, we are talking about the classic AOR masterpiece "Ride The Storm"
And even better news for fans and collectors that have had this record in its various mp3 forms over the years, what you have isn’t the main record you’re about to hear.
In searching for the original masters for "Ride The Storm", after being lost for two decades, Don found the only existing copy of a ‘rock mix’ that was commissioned back in 1989 to take a look at how the songs would sound, remixed for a bigger ‘rock’ impact.
Ever the completist, Andrew McNeice insisted that both mixes of the classic album were included in the release – as well as the three individual, heavily traded, solo demo tracks that were recorded but not included on the original album.
The complete "Ride The Storm" release will therefore be a 2cd set, featuring the album in its intended form, plus the second ‘alternate mix’ disc, on which the three additional bonus tracks are added at the end.
1. Ride The Storm
2. Looking For You
3. I Fall Back
4. Don't Look Down
5. Maybe You'll Believe Me Now
6. I'd Do It All Over Again
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
8. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
9. After The Way
10. Johnny Ain't So Cool

Adagio will release their 5th album spring 2017.

Adagio - Life 
Release: spring 2017 

French melodic metallers Adagio will release their fifth full-length album, "Life", in the spring. The disc will mark the band's first release in seven years.

"The impetus behind the band's dormancy spanning almost a decade was our commitment to doing justice to our material," says guitarist Stéphan Forté. To release the album in an incomplete or premature state would be a disservice to the music, the band, and most of all, to the fans.
With "Life", Adagio pushes the experience past just music, plunging the listener into a powerful introspective experience. Stéphan says: "Fear, joy, sorrow, love, pain, ecstasy... What if we could visit each of these emotions like exhibits in a museum? 'Life' takes you on contemplative journey, exploring the complex yet beautiful contortions of the subconscious mind." Each track is like a portrait in a gallery giving the audience a glimpse into the minds of the band members.
"Life" will be released worldwide through Zeta Nemesis, funded through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.


01. Life
02. The ladder
03. I'll possess you
04. Trippin away
05. Tora
06. Subrahmanya
07. The grand spirit voyage
08. Secluded within myself
09. Darkness machine


Meet the Glam & Hardcore Rock Fusion Band Once Around.

Once Around

Once Around is a band that rock fans need to check out.  Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Once Around was formed in 2014 and has proven they’ve made the right choice in pursuing music over a career in cheese making.

These guys have the perfect blend of glam to hardcore in their sound that makes them reminiscent of many of the late 80’s to early 90’s artists, yet different and fresh enough in their sound to make them unique.  They sound raw and furious with vocals from Sebastian Sikk Hadtrath that pull you in and make  you want to sing along.  The instrumentals are killer too, tons of killer guitar hooks blended with crazy bass beats and demanding percussion.  If you want to hear something that’s going to keep you wanting more, Once Around is the band to check out.

Check out their video for the single  “Devil Inside”  here.

Brazilian hard rock band Sunroad new album out now !

Sunroad - Wing seven 
Release: 02-03-2017 

Founded in 1996, Sunraod is considered the main hard rock group from Brazilian midwest. With 6 studio albuns released including a 2008´s collection. Since 2003 the band had a good international distribution and shared stage with famous artists and rock bands. Actually, Sunroad has a new album out (I almost missed that one) called Wing seven !

The band already busy since 1999 and since then hard working to get bigger every year !
In 2015, the band dealed with Dean Guitars Brazil but is now endorsed by Dean Guitars.
Soon after this, Sunroad musicians supported the renowed american singer and composer Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, MSG, John Norum, Red Zone Rider) along his Brazlian tour. After this tour, the singer Andre Adonis joined Sunroad and the band starts the seventh album compositions whose name is "Wing Seven", an allusion to the Sunroad´s seventh studio album.

The album is released on Musik Records in Brazil & Roxx records in USA.  For europe only digital release for the moment on all major platforms !!

Here you can watch the lyric video for "Destiny Shadows" 


01. Destiny Shadows
02. White Eclipse
03. In the Sand
04. Misspent Youth
05. Tempo (What Is Ever)
06. Whatever
07. Skies Eyes
08. Day by Day
09. Craft of Whirlwinds
10. Drifting Ships
11. Brighty Breakdown
12. Pilot of Your Heart
13.Last Sunray in the Road