Temperance live at "De Verlichte Geest" Roeselare 03-03-2017

Temperance is a rising star in the world of modern metal.

Vocalist Chiara Tricarico delivers an outstanding presence and performance behind the mic, complementing the outstanding guitar work & high vocals of Marco Pastorino , thundering drums of drummer Giulio Capone and bass of Luca Negro.
With two accomplished releases – 2014’s self-titled “ Temperance ” and 2015’s “Limitless” – the band is setting its sights on more diverse and global fanbase. The band followed the release of “Limitless” with heavy touring, including a full run of the west coast of the U.S. “Limitless” was highly regarded as an amazing mixture of tight heavy guitar riffs, electronic and rock elements, all bounded together with the band’s two core elements: melody and power.

The sound is tied together by the brilliant production of renowned musician/producer Simone Mularoni (DGM ) in Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy.

Photo's from Temperance here !

Almanac live at "De Verlichte Geest" Roeselare 04-02-2017

In March, ALMANAC, the symphonic metal cavaliers led by ex-RAGE-guitarist Victor Smolski, unleashed their highly acclaimed debut album »Tsar« - but this emperor has only just started to rise - and in early 2017, ALMANAC will climb onto their horses for their first headline tour ever.

"Hello, dear metal friends!", states bandleader Victor Smolski. "I am happy to be able to invite you to our first headline tour of ALMANAC in February 2017! 

On the upcoming headline dates we will not only perform the songs from our »Tsar« album, but also tracks from my time with RAGE and LMO. This will be a big and diverse party in your town.“

Photo' from this exclusive night here !!!!

Tyketto live at "De Bosuil" Weert 14-01-2017

The year 1991: Suddenly, there was the American rock band Tyketto with their debut album "Do not Come Easy". With hits like "Forever Young," "Wings", "Seasons" and "Standing Alone" earned the band rapidly worldwide fame. This year the band celebrates their 25th anniversary with a new album and a show at "De Bosuil"
Tyketto was late 80s founded by former Waysted singer Danny Vaughn. After the release of the second Tyketto album with the hit single "The End Of The Summer Days" (1994) is the fabric of the band. However, in 2004 the members of Tyketto announce a reunion on followed by a successful series of concerts. With release of "The Last Sunset: Farewell 2007" seems really to put an end to the era Tyketto. Nothing is less true in 2012, making the gentlemen a true comeback with the album "Dig Deep" and even a concert in Weert.

Photo's from this amazing night can be seen here !


1 - Kick Like a Mule
2 - Wings
3 - Rescue Me
4 - Faithless
5 - I Need It Now
6 - Burning Down Inside
7 - Meet Me in the Night
8 - Reach
9 - Dig in Deep
10 - Standing Alone
11 - Catch My Fall
12 - Let It Go
13 - Big Money
14 - Lay Your Body Down
15 - Love to Love

16 - Forever Young