Still Living contest !!!!

For all fans of Still Living and melodic rock , here's your chance
to win all 3 albums of Still Living + surprise gift (donated by myself) !!!!!!!!

Just answer the following 5 questions and mail your answers to me or the band , only 1 can win this !! 


1. What was the very first video of the band ??
2. What's the titel of the new album ??
3. What song was released as a single in the end of 2014 ??
4. What song was re-recorded in 2016 which has a version with the former vocalist ??
5. Where is the album recorded (name of the studio) ??

You can mail your answers until the end of august to me ( or the band ( !
Winner wil be contacted once the new cd is released !!



Para todos os fãs de Still Living e rock melódico, aqui está a sua chance
Para ganhar todos os 3 álbuns do presente surpresa Still Living (doado por mim mesmo) !!!!!!!!

 Apenas responda as seguintes 5 perguntas e envie suas respostas para mim ou para a banda, apenas 1 pode ganhar isso !!


1. Qual foi o primeiro vídeo da banda ??
2. Qual é o título do novo álbum ??
3. Que música foi lançada como single no final de 2014 ??
4. Que música foi re-gravada em 2016, que tem uma versão com o ex-vocalista ??
5. Onde está o álbum gravado (nome do estúdio) ??

 Você pode enviar suas respostas até o final de agosto para mim ( ou a banda ( !

O vencedor será contatado uma vez que o novo CD seja lançado !!




My name is Gino (I'm from Belgium) and I 'm the founder of , a new website to promote new bands , unsigned bands , non-euro distributed and lots more !  

I've always been very passionate for rock music in general so I desided to start my personal website but different from what you see all over the web ! 
This site is non-profit and all about my favorite music. 
All cd's here are in my private collection (or will be asap) !

Normally I wasn't planning on doing reviews here because I believe that's someone's personal opinion...but as you'll see I'm already doing this because the requests keep coming from bands & labels. Interviews are as of now also possible !
Most of the promotion here are bands that I know personaly in one way or another...
Small independant releases or releases that are hardly distributed over here ! Countrys like Brazil,Mexico,Russia,.....
I work very hard to bring to you the best music news and more. I'm not just another site posting standard releases in a row, I take the time to select the best and newest bands . 
All this is big time-consuming, alongside to write a proper review and prepare all the material.So if you like what I'm doing here maybe you can help me with a donation.


All info for buying cd's and other stuff you'll find in the A -> A index ! Incase you don't find exact info just send me e-mail and I'll get back to you asap !

So if you are interested in promoting your band (for free) especially in Belgium and Europe then just contact me for more details. 
Labels also may contact me for promo about bands.

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